Day 30 Bristol to Milbank, SD 58 Miles (1800 total miles)

My legs were actually pretty fresh today for the first time in a few weeks. Kind of a nice feeling.

I had some company on today’s ride. Jodi Storley, my cousin, rode the entire way with me.

There was little to no wind and relatively easy terrain for the first 25 miles or so. Temperature was good also so it was actually enjoyable.

The road through this body of water has been raised something like 25’ since I was roaming these parts as a kid. This is the Glacial Lakes region and there are a lot more and bigger lakes over the past 30 years. Roads and farmland have been taken over by bodies of water. The good news is that some of the best walleye fishing in the world is in this area.

If you’re ever passing through Waubay, SD, stop at the Purple Cow. A giant chair with a back and great ice cream!

The wind started to pick up (not a tailwind, of course) as we neared Summit. Obviously it was a bit uphill as we were heading to Summit…thus the name of the town.

Jodi’s husband, Larry, joined us at Summit for the last 25 miles.

I had been looking forward to Marvin Hill. It was a big, steep downhill back in my day. They’ve since leveled it out a bit and is now only a 4% grade. Bummer but it was still a good coast for a few miles. The air was a tad bit smoky from wildfires in the western US.

Down in the valley the wind picked up some more and we were dead into a 15mph wind for a few miles.

We made it into Milbank a little after 2PM.

I’m still having phone issues. A new one was delivered to Bristol today and Kris delivered it to me in Milbank. She’s on her way back home so it was a bit of a drop and dash! Now I just need a Verizon store to transfer all my “stuff” to new phone. Of course, the store in Milbank was closed. Bad phone karma for past week.

I do have a comfortable place to stay for the evening, Randy (college friend) and Robin Patnoe are hosting me and trying to fatten me up with some spaghetti and delicious cupcakes.

I was also able to see a couple of other long time friends, Pat DeFea and Dave Wagner. Fun to chat with them for a bit.

I’ve received a bunch of extra supplies the last few days. Pickle juice, deer jerky, energy tablets for water, energy gel packs, and 2 jars of homemade pickles. Glad I’m not hiking because my 2 saddle bags are packed to capacity.

Only 3000 miles to go!!

Ride on.

Just Pete

5 thoughts on “Day 30 Bristol to Milbank, SD 58 Miles (1800 total miles)

  1. So happy you had a couple of bicyclists with you on today’s ride! Hopefully as you turn south you’ll have more wind at your back. Ride on and be safe.


  2. It looks like your day went well and pretty special to have Jodi ride the distance and Larry to join you. I am sure it was fun to see your Milbank friends also. The whole weekend was so packed with activity but we sure enjoyed having you home and the timing to get to Bristol was perfect. I hope you will have good travels today. Go Jeff and Gertie.


  3. Great photo of highway leading into the Whetstone Valley. We are looking forward to seeing what route you take from Milbank. Favorable winds!


  4. Pete,

    Glad to see you in Milbank!! I know Randy and Robin enjoyed having you for the night. I hope you have a tailwind to Morris. Also, to all that plan to visit Bristol – beware of highway patrol in the area. They will pick up anybody that steps out of line, even AJ!!



  5. Must have been nice to have company for the day. Nice thing about saddle bags as opposed to a backpack so you can hold all those goodies. A nice pile is spaghetti probably did you right.
    Oh and The Purple Cow💜🐄!?! Road trip!!!
    Stay safe and peddle on🤘🏻🚴🏻‍♂️💜


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