Day 33 Sauk Centre to Milaca 94 Miles (2004 total miles)

We got some more media coverage in South Dakota. The Roscoe-Hosmer Independent had us on the front page. Thanks Brenda Anderson for your PR work!

The first half of today’s ride was on the Lake Wobegon Regional Trail. No motorized vehicles…except snowmobiles in the winter.

22 miles on a repurposed railroad track. Trains must like hills as much as I do because it was pretty flat. There were also lots of trees and shade. Hadn’t seen much of that since Glacier National Park.

It was also a very fast track. We were in high gear. Gerty felt good after her bath and she was humming.

There was even a covered bridge specifically for the trail.

You have to work to keep your mind occupied doing things like this. There was no traffic or crappy shoulders to worry about so I invented a game. Plains of Africa.

There were quite a few cyclists out so when I would see someone out in front of me (you could see quite a ways), they became an impala…and I was a cheetah. Pedal as fast as I could until I ran them down. Don’t worry, I didn’t tackle them and drag them into the jungle for lunch…but I did fly past them really fast. Pretty sure I got my limit!!

After all those high speed chases, I needed some lunch. Not exactly 5 star but I had a chair (kind of) with a back (sort of)!

Crossed the mighty Mississippi River. Sure I’ll see her a few more times but I’m on the east side.

The last half of the day was on roads but the shoulders were good…for the most part.

I had planned to stop for the day at Curly’s Corner Bar. Not near a town but map said they had camping available. Perfect. Food and Buds right by my campsite.

About 1 mile away, I could see Curly’s. As I got closer I could see 1 car in parking lot. Not a real good sign but beggars can’t be choosers.

I pulled up and it looked dark and door was locked. Really bad sign. Especially since I was already mentally checked out.

Guy in lot (he was just parked) told me it had closed a couple months ago. I didn’t have enough water to tent in campsite so I asked the guy how far to next town. He said Milaca was about 5 miles ahead.

That didn’t sound right to me so I checked my map. It was really 15 miles. Total and complete bummer.

Had no choice so I started pedaling.

Of course there was a road closure with a detour. That would be a minimum of 2 extra miles. Screw that, I’m going through. It was just after 4 and I was hoping the construction workers were finished for the day.

Went around the barriers. Construction area was 3 miles long. A few sections of real soft gravel but most was pretty good. They’re really just widening road. I made it through and into Milaca

As a wise person once told me “There’s no such thing as an easy day.” Dennis Peterson, June 2021.

Safe and comfortable in a motel.

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 33 Sauk Centre to Milaca 94 Miles (2004 total miles)

  1. You’re famous!😎great photos of your ongoing adventure.
    I guess when you spend your days on a bike seat the soda carton chair seems like luxury.
    Happy riding!


  2. what was your resting heart rate–before and after you slugged down all of those mountain dews?
    You continue to be an inspiration!!


  3. Reminds of that time when we drove to Denver in a blizzard and went through the road block that was set up on I-25 near Cheyenne……

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. I am a huge Lake Wobegon fan. So fun to see there is a trail with that name! “Where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average!”
    Ride on and be safe!


  5. What a pretty ride on the Lake Wobegon Trail! You continue to amaze your followers! Ride on and be safe. Here’s to some tailwinds!


  6. When ever you ask someone how far is they are almost always not aware of the true distance as they are use to driving that distance and seems shorter than when you are riding a bike. 2000 miles …. you are my hero. don


  7. Back in print again👍 They must be following you in the Ponte Vedra paper too🚴🚴. I think Kris would approve of Mounty Dew as your “table” guest!
    Thanks for taking us along on your adventure.


  8. Love the Walter Mitty reference (Plains of Africa/Cheetah). A diversion from the grind is always a good thing, eh?


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