Day 34 Milaca,MN to Osceola, WI 80 Miles (2084 total miles)

Crazy day that ended on a great note.

Was a bit lazy in the AM and didn’t head out until about 8:45. I usually wake about 6 but just wasn’t quite ready to start pedaling. That’s the toughest part of these adventures…the day after day grind.

Once we got going through we kicked butt. 30 miles to first stop in about 1 hr 50 minutes.

Had a great lunch and met a cyclist heading the other direction. Dan (didn’t get a pic) and I discussed what was ahead for each of us. I was at the lunch spot for 1.5 hrs!!

Had my first chasing dog. This time I was the impala! Fortunately it was on a bit of a downhill and he was more like an over-fed lion than a cheetah.

There are 2 seasons in these parts. Winter and construction. Talk about confusing.

I’ve heard the name, Richard Widmark. Guessing he must be kind of famous.

My goal for today was Osceola. 70 miles. 40 after lunch. No problem.

Cows seem to be fascinated by a cyclist. Get lots of stares. This guy really checked me out. No Rocky Mountain oysters from this stud. That’s not a 5th leg!!

Everything was great until that point. Only 10 miles to Osceola. Unfortunately I missed a turn. I just get rolling and forget to look at map. Happens quite a bit, right Dennis!

This one was pretty bad. When I realized I wasn’t on route, I figured I was paralleling route. Take the next right and all good.

I ended up at Taylor Falls. Actually had to ask someone what town I was in.

Saw an amazing view of St. Croix River.

Problem was that I was 10 miles out of my way. I was Just Angry Pete. Tried to blame it on Gerty but she was having none of that.

I headed in the general direction I thought Osceola would be and angrily pedaled for the next hour. I shouldn’t even admit this but…I had no clue Osceola was in Wisconsin!! Please don’t tell anyone.

My maps are horrible when not on route so I tried Google maps. No cell service. Tired, frustrated, and just basically pissed at myself.

Once I got to Osceola my mood changed. Amazing what dinner and a few Buds will do.

At dinner someone told me there was a town team baseball game. Osceola Braves vs Hudson River Rats. Wooden bats. Old school. I walked 5 blocks to Oakey Park.

What a great time. Bud Grant once played for Osceola and Joe Mauer played there for a St Paul team while in high school.

I had a blast…even though “we” lost 18-0 in 7 innings. Made lots of new friends. This is Kathy, Michelle, and Todd. Also met a super nice young couple, Alex and Monique. So much fun.

Awesome ending to the day.

Short trip to Stillwater tomorrow. Pretty sure that’s in MN!

Ride on.

Just Pete

3 thoughts on “Day 34 Milaca,MN to Osceola, WI 80 Miles (2084 total miles)

  1. Sounds like yesterday’s ride was quite eventful. Where was Dan headed? It has to be fun to meet new people and a baseball game to boot! Hope you find your way today and have a great ride. Stay safe!. Love you, Mom.


  2. FYI. Richard Widmark is a movie star who starred in westerns, one of which he received a nomination for. Speaking of movies, Stillwater is a recent release starring Matt Damon, an Oscar nomination expected!!
    Please be patient with Gerty 🚴and her direction finding assessments😉.


  3. Sorry you got off your planned route. What were you thinking when you wanted to blame Gert. Shame on you😇. All is well that ends well. Peddle on and enjoy meeting new friends. Don


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