Day 35 Osceola, WI to Stillwater, MN 28 Miles (2112 total miles)

Took my time getting out of Osceola this morning. I was comfortable there and assumed I’d just roll right on down to Stillwater.

Reality hit very quickly with a short but steep climb out of town. Not exactly what I expected.

There were crazy ups and downs the whole ride. The toughest pedaling since I was in MT. Gerty hadn’t been in low gear for quite some time.

I actually had to stop and rest on 2 different hills. Got going 40 mph down one hill. That’s a bit scary but I knew what goes down must go up. I was at 3 mph half way up the next hill.

Going slow is not fun. Not only are you working really hard…it’s also hard to keep Gerty going in a straight line at those slow speeds.

Osceola and Stillwater are at essentially the same elevation. Both on the St. Croix River. The route was on the hills up above the river. Actually only saw the river at beginning and end. Everything in between was like a giant roller coaster. Up…down. Repeat about 50 times.

St. Croix River at Stillwater.

Ended the day back in Minnesota. Almost felt like no progress but we’re now starting to head predominantly south. I guess that’s progress because have to head that way sometime.

Rolled into Stillwater about 1:30. Thirsty and hungry. Fortunately I rode right up to Charlie’s Irish Pub.

Spending the night at the home of Dave and Stephanie Adams. They also have a home in our community in FL.

Dave, Stephanie, Charlie, and Hannah.

Spent a very relaxing afternoon and evening at their house. Dave had Buds on ice for me and we had burgers and chocolate cake for dinner. Add on a couple hours of appetizers and I’m pretty well fed!!

Tomorrow Kevin Hileman is going to ride with me. He’s the husband of Michelle, a former co-worker. I’m pretty sure it will be as difficult (or worse) than today. At least I’ll have company to share in the misery.

Thanks to Dave and Steph for your incredible hospitality. I appreciate it so much.

Ride on.

Just Pete

6 thoughts on “Day 35 Osceola, WI to Stillwater, MN 28 Miles (2112 total miles)

  1. Uffda, not fun. Hopefully, today will be better. How far will Kevin ride today? Saw Jodie yesterday
    at Jade’s bridal shower. She told me how much she enjoyed the ride with you. It is great to know people along the way. As you travel south will you know anyone? Stay safe. Love you, Mom.


  2. Was just watching the Tour de France. Looking forward to cheering you on in this event next year when you represent the USA and team Budweiser !


  3. Quite the hilly ride, and no warmup before the hills. Ugh. Happy you could spend time with good friends! That’s always a plus. Nice that you’ll have a riding partner tomorrow! Ride safe and wishing you tailwinds!


  4. It’s great that you have friends and well deserved “breaks” along the way. Alice Jean , I LOVE hearing your uffda response!!
    Hope tomorrow is easier for you and Gerty 🚴.


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