Day 38 Onalaska to Marquette, IA 68 miles (2321 total miles)

Wowza!! Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Sooo appreciated. I’m 99.9% sure I’ll make it but this stretch will just be mentally difficult.

I have usually responded to questions about how I can do this by saying I’m stubborn. Someone suggested I use determined instead. So now I’m determined…and kind of stubborn.

Late start today because I watched Jeff Bezos blast off into space. I want to do that!! You gotta love Wally Funk. 82 years old. Incredible.

Rode through La Crosse, WI. Some nice paths but there was some major construction areas. I had to walk Gerty through several construction areas.

Once through that it was a pretty smooth ride.

I like riding through the river valley but the valley is narrow. River, railroad tracks, road, really big hills.

Lots of islands along the river. Pretty sure I’ll meet Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer along the way. Guarantee we’d be good buddies.

No offense to vegetarians but too funny to pass up.

Stopped mid-PM at a local tavern for a Coke. You may find this hard to believe but I don’t drink Bud while I’m pedaling. Chatted with the regulars and another walks in and says “Paddle wheeler coming down the river. Probably 5-10 minutes away. Idiots lined up along road taking pictures.”

5 minutes later I said thanks but have to go. Had to pedal hard to catch up so I could be an idiot taking pics!

I had stayed on the WI side of the river while the route was on IA/MN side. Didn’t need maps and was going to end up in Marquette either way. Just a question of where we crossed.

Not my greatest decision but far from a disaster. This was from the east channel of the Mississippi. River so wide here that there’s also a west channel almost as big.

The bridge over the west channel was under construction. One lane with stop light. When it turned green, I waited for about 30 vehicles to pass. I then pedaled as fast as I could. Knew I had to get across before traffic coming other direction was heading at me.

I kept up with traffic for a while but was a ways behind by end of bridge. Thankfully car at front of line heading toward me was patient. Blocked traffic until I got across.

Somewhere I’m sure there was a Welcome to IA sign. I was a bit focused on getting across bridge so I missed that one.

So many encouraging comments today. Thanks to all.

Tomorrow the route goes north and west from Marquette for a bit. Exact opposite direction I want to be heading. Also leaving the river valley. That means hills!

Ride on.

Just Pete

George Moriarty’s poem The Road Ahead or The Road behind:

And so the fates are seldom wrong,
No matter how they twist and wind;
It’s you and I who can make our fates,
We open up or close the gates

8 thoughts on “Day 38 Onalaska to Marquette, IA 68 miles (2321 total miles)

  1. You have 2,300-miles-worth of unforgettable memories. That’s pretty cool. Imagine what’s ahead for you! So many stories to share around the campfire (or golf course). You got this!


  2. Each day I am amazed at all the wonders you see and people you meet. We read your blog every morning here too, that’s a must. There is no doubt in my mind that you will finish, but take it day by day and do what you can do. I hope you aren’t having to ride in such hot weather as we are having, 90 plus today. Think how far you have come already. Ride on, be safe, enjoy. Love you, Mom


  3. Very pretty ride today! Have been through LaCrosse just once but thought it was so pretty! Darn construction! But it needs to get done. Yaaay, Wally! She was a joy to watch! Always cheering you on and wishing you fewer hills and tailwinds! You ARE determined and awesome! God Speed!


  4. Love your daily blog! Thank you for your diligence, makes one feel we are on the same journey – albeit without doing any of the work. Ride on, you got this!


  5. Pete, I too like many others, go to your blog at first opportunity. It is a daily must read. So, even though I do not post often, please know I am always following, thinking, and wishing you the best. For endurance, perseverance, and enjoyment. You’ve got what it takes, and support from everyone you know and meetin along this adventure. So keep on riding on, your team is always there with you.


  6. Keep grinding the gears, Jeff! You are stubborn, but determined is a much better word😉 If you’re thinking, “how does she know I’m stubborn,” remember I worked for you. We love your determination, especially in the face of climbs…you got this! -M and Kevin


  7. I don’t know about you being stubborn! Maybe so, but determined, focused is what I would say.
    Great pictures! Love reading your blog. Ride on!


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