Day 44 Quincy, IL to New Hope, MO 84 Miles (2732 total miles)

Tough but good day of pedaling today. Louisiana, MO is a real place with real hills.

It was relatively flat from Quincy to Hannibal, MO. I think this was the 8th time I’ve crossed the Mississippi. Has to happen at least 1 more time…or I’m totally lost.

Hannibal is the boyhood home of Samuel Clemens and some guy named Mark Twain.

I didn’t spend as much time as I probably should have. I didn’t see Huck…or Tom. But I did eat at Becky Thatcher’s Diner.

I had heard there was a big hill out of Hannibal. It was steep, but short. I think I heard Gerty ask “Is that all you got?”

There were a few sporadic flat spots throughout the rest of day. Immediately proceeded and followed by some long, steep hills. Up and down.

When I’m gasping for breath and wobbling up a hill, a scenic overlook is usually the last thing I’m thinking about. Especially when it’s up another hill. Today, for you, I stopped.

OK. Not a great picture but I had to climb on a picnic table for that one…after climbing a big hill

The hills of Louisiana, MO seemed similar to several areas around Stillwater,MN. The hills above the river valley are steep and numerous. That’s why they can get flash flooding. Everything is running towards the river.

The last train to Clarksville.

Today I had to stop on 3 or 4 hills and rest. That means it was hard. At one point I was stopped on the opposite side of the road. No shoulders but very few cars. It was shady. A guy pulled over and asked if I was OK. That hasn’t happened since MT. No joke hard.

At the end of the day I was met by Terry Loterbauer. He is a few years younger than me, a family friend, and hung around with my brother, Jay. Bristol guy!!

He not only picked me up but bought me a few (or several) Buds, dinner, and even a hotel room.

We had a great time reminiscing and just hanging out. Thanks so much, Louie!!!

Ride on.

Just Pete

4 thoughts on “Day 44 Quincy, IL to New Hope, MO 84 Miles (2732 total miles)

  1. How fun to meet Terry. It sounds like your day was fun reminiscing. I am sure the stories were flowing!! I hope today is relatively free of big climbs. Hannibal sounds like an interesting place. Have a good ride and go Gerty. Love you, Mom.


  2. What an awesome ending to your tough but great day! I’m sure you and Louie had a great time and how kind of him!
    Go Gerty and Just Pete aka Dad!


  3. Good to see two “east side kids” reconnecting. Keep on listening to the body and rest. I think Gerty might be ready to check out a few more sights. Ride On Just Pete.


  4. I’m sure it was a hard ride, but your pictures were so picturesque. Haven’t been in Hannibal for many years, but I didn’t see Huck or Tom either! Lol. Missouri has so many trees—no wonder the James gang could hide so well! How nice you got to see and spend time with Terry. Enjoy your adventure and ride safe!


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