Day 43 Burlington, IA to Quincy, IL 97 Miles (2648 total miles)

The day off obviously did me good. Legs felt great this AM and Gerty and I rolled fast all day. 8 hours first pedal to last.

Crossed the Mississippi into IL first thing.

Today’s ride was the flattest day of trip to date. Only a few small hills. Gotta love that!

I was hoping to get something to eat in Nauvoo, IL. Nothing open however, so I did a bit of exploring.

Nauvoo is along the river and was the largest city in IL for a brief period in the 1840’s. At that time it was the headquarters of the Mormon Church. It still has many historical buildings from that era including the homes of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

This Temple was built in 2002. Very large and impressive.

Statue depicts John and Hyrum Smith as they left Nauvoo in 1844 when the Mormons were persecuted and forced to leave.

Mississippi River in background.

After my tour I headed towards Hamilton, IL. I knew that would be my last chance to get something to eat.

This house does not fit in the neighborhood. Probably 6x the size of any other house I saw in Hamilton. It’s right on the river. You just can’t see the river because house is so massive!

My route through Hamilton didn’t pass anywhere to eat. Stopped at a gas station where they suggested I cross the river to Keokuk, IA. It was about 2 miles each way. Not ideal but…

Turned out great. As I was eating a couple came in with their grandkids. They had seen Gerty outside and it must have been obvious that I was with her.

Tom and Adriana cycled across the US in 1981. They were very interested in my trip. They bought my lunch and even offered me to come to their house to do laundry and/or stay. Wow!! I had just done laundry and it was early on a fast day so I had to pass on their incredibly kind offer.

Tom told me it was 40 more miles to Quincy with only 1 chance for water. 6 miles ahead in Warsaw. Filled up right before there from spigot at campground beside road. Very convenient.

10 miles from Quincy I met a group of about 15 cyclists from the Quincy Cycling Club stopped along road. When I pulled up to a stop, I asked “Y’all waiting for me?” I thought it was pretty funny.

They asked me lots of questions and invited me to ride along into Quincy. OK.

Guy I was riding alongside for a bit told me that they were all A and B riders. I have no clue what that means but I kept up…on a gravel bike…with 25 lbs on the back…after 85 miles. Guessing that means I’m an A or B rider.

People frequently ask what roads I will be taking. Honestly, I usually don’t know what road I’m currently on…much less what’s ahead. I just try to keep the blue dot (me) on the red line (route) on my app.

A guy from the group asked if I was going through Louisiana. No, I’m going through MS and AL No, Louisiana, MO. Didn’t even know there was such a place…and now I know I will be going through there. He had told me that hill climbers come from 300 miles away to train in that area. I’m so thrilled. NOT!!

Hopefully I’ll feel as strong tomorrow as I did today.

Ride on.

Just Pete.

10 thoughts on “Day 43 Burlington, IA to Quincy, IL 97 Miles (2648 total miles)

  1. WOW, you had a big day. Didn’t it make you wonder who lved in that massive home? Lots of history in Nauvoo. You have met so many interesting people that are so kind. Louisiana, MO does not sound fun for a biker! Hopefully, you are rested and you will do fine. I need to look at the MO map now to follow you. I wish I had the locater app!! 100 in today’s forecast, ugh! I hope you aren’t in this awful heat. Ride on, stay, safe, and stay hydrated. Love, Mom.


    1. I lived in Hannibal for a few months; was telling my Dad about the countryside, and he told me areas around a river are always hilly. Reckon he was right! 🙂


  2. Making good progress!what a nice couple you met… I love the Midwest… people are so nice there. Safe travels!


  3. now I’m really feeling guilty. “A fast day”? Maybe if you would do some push ups or go jogging at the end of each day of bike riding you could skip fasting for now? Even more amazed…….! Ride on…


  4. I think you’re an A+ rider myself!! I don’t know when you’ll be 🚴 in Louisiana, but starting Tuesday through the weekend, there are lots of events scheduled at the fairgrounds! A happening place. 😉.
    A great day!!! Ride on and keep the stories coming.


  5. Wow! More adventures! How kind of Tom and Adriana. Good people to get to know. That mansion picture was intriguing! Had to look up Louisiana, Missouri! Lol. You surely are an “A” rider! Keep up the awesome riding! So fun to follow along on your ride. Be safe!


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