Day 52 Dover to Waverly, TN 46 Miles (3179 total miles)

I didn’t even think about the 100 mile option today. This (46 miles) was plenty. One of the tougher days of pedaling. Big, long hills. At least the weather was good.

I feel like I’m in the movie, Groundhog Day. The scenery is the same day after day. Hilly road with forests on either side. A few small variances but, for the most part, it’s been the same for a week.

It’s not that the scenery isn’t nice. I’m sure it would be very enjoyable in a motorized vehicle. On a bicycle it just gets very monotonous.

This is big deer hunting area. I’m seeing lots of deer crossing the road. The WiFi password at hotel is DeerHunt and they have deer coolers!

Tomorrow will be about 55 miles of riding. I’m going off the route and down the other side of the lake/river. Hoping for a bit different view. Probably not but at least I’ll cross some water.

Over the Appalachian Trail, Camino, and Sea2Key, I’ve totaled about 270 days of adventure. Today may have been the first day I didn’t take a single picture.

Below are a few highlight pics from the AT. It will at least give you something to look at! Plus, there are a few newbies who missed out on that!!

Ride on.

Just Pete

6 thoughts on “Day 52 Dover to Waverly, TN 46 Miles (3179 total miles)

  1. Sorry about the monotonous ride. I hope today when you are off route you will see something worth a photo. Your AT pictures were fun to see. Just keep thinking how far you have come and how close you are to the end. 3133 total miles is awesome. The Alaska group will be flying home today so I hope Chad is able to ride with you when you get close to him. Have a good ride today. Love you, Mom.


  2. When you begin having a conversation with yourself you should remember to include Gert in the conversation as it will be more interesting. We are all thinking of you as you make your way home. How about an update on you it is going using the forearm rests. don


  3. Wow, 270 days of committed athletic adventures 👏. That is certainly worth recognizing and commendable Jeff!!! And I love seeing the AT photos. If you lack for them again, I’d enjoy seeing some Camino faces!
    I sound like a broken record but, you’re doing great, we’re all living vicariously through your journey with Gerty and ….. Ride on🚴🚴.


  4. The AT pictures were beautiful! I wasn’t in the know on that adventure until I saw an article in the Aberdeen News after the fact.

    I hiked about a mile on the Appalachian trail with a friend and treasure the picture I had framed of my little adventure! 😊 I think it was in the Virginia area and I remember Abrams Falls—that’s been 40+ years ago! Lol

    You know, even in a motor home your current ride could become monotonous because of no change in scenery. Just try to enjoy each day as best you can. We’re all cheering you on and love that you’re sharing your adventure with us! Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed!


  5. Hoping for some different scenery for you! So beyond proud of you and how strong you are, mentally and physically. You are such an inspiration to me and so many others! Love you!


  6. Pete, I just went on the CDC site that tracks covid cases around the country. You are entering the part of the US where there is a high infection rate. I would suggest it would be wise when interacting with locals that you consider social distancing and wear a mask. Although you are vaccinated you are still at risk of being infected with the Delta variant. Just my thoughts. don


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