Day 53 Waverly to Parsons, TN 57 Miles (3236 total miles)

Nice ride today. Actually kind of enjoyable. Busy road but really wide shoulders. Comfortable temp. A bit of flat ground. I’d take it every day.

Got to use the aero bars a bit more today. Really only use when wide shoulder, fairly straight, and no shifting required. Kind of limits me!

I can pedal a pretty straight line unless going slow…which almost always involves a low gear (i.e. uphill). I am often pedaling right on the white lane line. With the aero bars, I’m still a bit shaky on that.

Crossed back over Kentucky Lake early AM. Thinking I may get to south end of it tomorrow. Really long lake (184 miles long).

I should really be brokering hay deals while I’m out here. I could probably get this guy $400/bale in MT. Not sure how profitable would be for him after my $50/bale and transportation but you never know.

Gotta make hay while the sun shines.

Physically feeling good. Aero bars aren’t a panacea for my hands but they help.

Mentally, I’m more than 2/3 finished. I should be in FL in 9 or 10 days. All is good tonight.

Ride on.

Just Pete

4 thoughts on “Day 53 Waverly to Parsons, TN 57 Miles (3236 total miles)

  1. Pete, glad to hear you had a relatively easy ride yesterday and that all is well. Amazing feat! …. More than 2/3 finished wow!! …. and Florida in sight … a terrific next goal! Ride on Pete!! Stay safe.


  2. It sounds like you had a good day yesterday. I hope today is the same. You will feel good when you get to Florida, your last state!! Weather wise our mornings are cool now – mid 60’s so that is nice. So proud of how far you have pedaled, amazing. I hope you and Gerty have a smooth ride today. Be safe. Love you, Mom.


  3. Good days are good Pete, make you forget the tough ones, and become a stimulation for the mind and soul for the rest of the journey. Your cheering section everywhere loves it and it loves to hear upbeat stories and that you can now set your mind on FL after 2/3 of the trip is done.
    Stay strong and convinced: PVB is not that far anymore. And once there Key West will be a “flat piece of cake”.


    Berty and Victor


  4. Awesome job “Pete”. Keep spirits high because you have handled everything thrown at you and will continue to !


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