Day 63 Bit It, FL 0 Miles (3703 total miles)

A bit sore this AM. Stiff right shoulder to right ear. That area doesn’t really hurt but has a tingly feeling when I touch. Kind of weird. Everything else is fine.

Gerty is staying at bike shop. Shifter/brake has been ordered from Shimano. Hopefully here Tuesday or Wednesday. They will probably have to adjust a few other things but told me she’ll be good as new…almost.

Carlton Hupke (HS FB coach) had contacted me last Thursday. He was arriving in Pensacola on Friday. Told him that I would be leaving Pensacola and be in Panama City Friday night. Wouldn’t be able to meet.

That changed after crash Friday AM. Very fortunate that his family has let me “crash” at their house.

I think I could pedal today but will have to wait for Gerty to be ready. Guarantee I will be getting a bit restless by then.

I can already tell you that I will be wasting no time finishing this trek. No extra miles. Won’t spend an extra day when I pass by home. I just want to be finished.

I know I could use something to smile about so here are a few “Smiles of the Day” from Spain and Portugal.

Ride on.

Just Pete

13 thoughts on “Day 63 Bit It, FL 0 Miles (3703 total miles)

  1. I was so happy to have an update this morning 👍. These few extra days of zero miles will probably make you antsy but give you and Gerty much deserved recovery time.
    Thanks for the Camino smiles. They make ME smile too.
    RIDE ON 🚴🚴🚴


  2. Just Pete/Jeff/Eastside Kid – take it easy, listen to the body and don’t ignore it when it speaks (tingling). We’re all cheering you on to make the end of this journey safely and in good health. Ride on when the time is right. Looks like the Panhandle may be getting a bit wet and windy in a few days. Hunker down and ride on once the tropical storm passes.


  3. Hello Pete
    Joe doyle here
    Been following you with admiration
    Great to learn you were closing in on your mark and still safe
    I have a heck of a lot of respect for you
    Let her buck Luke !
    With respect


  4. Best to you Pete! I can tell this is getting a bit tough. You’re braver than most of us to do this. Hoping the best for you & Gerty!


  5. Sorry to hear about the crash and ensuing issues. Hope the rest puts you back in great physical condition while Gerty gets better as well.
    Positive thoughts!!
    All the best, George


  6. Loved seeing the Spain/Portugal pictures! I bet seeing them for you brings back every memory of when they were taken. Glad you’ll be able to reconnect with Carlton—maybe things do happen for a reason. Hoping you heal well and can reunite with Gerty and be on your way again soon. I can only imagine how much you want this trek to be finished. Find the good in each day. Be safe and God’s Speed.


  7. We all understand how hard this ride has been. You are doing what few others have accomplished. Take this time to rest and recover. This may be one of your greatest achievements. We all look forward to seeing you back home safe and with a bud in your hand. Don


  8. We’re glad your doing ok. Super glad you were wearing a helmet. Gerty’s on the mend and will be ready shortly. I know you’ll be like a caged tiger by the time she’s ready but it could be a good thing for the final push. Time to heal body, mind(& Gerty). Have a few good meals and a 6 pack or 2!! After a few days it’ll be “just like riding a bike”

    Love from the 2 of us

    Stay safe & peddle on 🤘🏻🚴🏻🍺💜


  9. Jeff, If you’re still in Pensacola, stop in and see my buddy, NIck Zangari. He owns NYN Badlands Roadside Bar. 23 Palafox Place, Pensacola (downtown). I graduated from Cicero HS in Syracuse with him. I know they’ll serve Budweiser. 🙂


  10. Sorry to hear…you are ready for this to be “finished.” Though I kinda get it. Hope you’re feeling a little less Logan-Storley-ized (reference made me laugh). Way back in Selby, SD, was glad to read you met and rode with (my) old friend Kim Kightlinger. Now look where you are: final state! Here’s to Gerty being fixed and you back in the saddle!


  11. How many days are you on pause? Still waiting on your bike to be repaired or did you slip out and went home for a couple of days?


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