Day 68 Bit It, FL

Frustration…the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

When I left the bike shop on Friday, I was told the replacement part should be here on Tuesday. When I called to check status on Tuesday, I was told that it was scheduled for delivery on Friday. What??

Apparently the person who ordered the part also ordered some other things and had shipped ground vs next day as I had stressed. I asked them to order again… shipping next day air. Assumed it would ship Wednesday and arrive Thursday. One day makes a huge difference to me.

Physically I’m fine except for the fact that right shoulder to neck is still tingly to touch. Full range of motion and no pain. Curious as to how it will be when I get pedaling.

Mentally I’m not quite as good. This has been a horrendous experience. For a while I was hoping it was a nightmare that I’d wake up from. That didn’t happen.

Patience is not my strongest trait and this waiting is killing me. Tuesday was especially hard. After waiting for 4 days, I found out it would be another 2-3.

Good news today. Gerty is fixed. Shop delivered her to me this evening. I’ve been staying in Gulf Breeze, just across the bridge from crash sight and bike shop. I really didn’t want to pedal across the bridge (bad memories) and thankful guys at bike shop understood.

She looks good. Just missing water bottles. At least I don’t have to sit around and wait to replace those.

Big thanks to several people: Carlton Hupke and the Petermann’s for letting me “crash” at their place for a few nights; Matt Wiley for picking up my dinner and beers one night; and Steve Cropper for covering Gerty’s repairs (not cheap). Also thanks to everyone else for your concern.

I have to admit I considered having Kris pick me up and just stopping this nonsense many times the past few days.

However, I knew that would eat at me forever. That’s why I’m going to…

Ride on.

Just Pete

19 thoughts on “Day 68 Bit It, FL

  1. Jeff, I can only imagine how frustrating and exhausting this trip has been and to be held up for days when you can almost see the finish line has to be killing you. Hang in there, you have a ton of people pulling for you, and the Keys are waiting for you. Tom

    PS. Nice move Steve Cropper.


  2. So happy you are back on the road. I know that patience is not your long suit, but you made it and you will continue to push on. I hope you have good weather from now on. Stay safe. Love you, Mom.

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  3. Ted and I are cheering you on for a safe ride across the rest of Florida and your safe return home for celebrating your Sea2Key ride.

    Be safe. Be proud. Ride on Just Pete!!! JUST DO IT!


  4. Just think, Just-Pete, the extra days gave the beard time to grow. The look might compare to when you reached the top of Mount Katahdin! Remember that feeling!!! You got this!


  5. Sign of a person of character is the ability to not let obstacles keep them from achieve a stated goal. Everyone would have understood if you had called it quits. But you found that extra strength to finish what you had started. Peddle on and be extra alert and safe for the reminder of the ride. We all look forward to celebrating your achievement. To know someone who achieves what you are doing is special. BTW have you apologized to Gert?


    1. I appreciate how difficult this last week must have been for you Jeff. Your determination (aka stubbornness) will help you and Gerty complete your challenge. We’re all marveling at what you’ve already accomplished and are here to support you through the last pedaling days🚴 .
      Ride on 👍👍👍


  6. Oh, the frustration! So sorry for that. Glad Gerty got all fixed up. I say if you have any more major problems, you consider having Kris pick you up. Don’t consider it quitting, consider you made it from Seattle to Florida. THAT is not quitting! We’ve all been cheering you on, but we don’t want to see you hating this adventure either. Your body will, no doubt, tell you how to proceed. Listen closely to it. Wishing you all the best as you ride on! 👍. God’s Speed.


  7. K9s for Warriors need you now more than ever. I’ll be donating more to them when you & Gert are in the waters of the Keys. Proud of you. Ride Pete ride.


  8. Keep the faith my friend
    You are spanking it .
    What a life experience / memory
    Wish we were in PV or Key West to celebrate you

    ( We are fortunate to have your friends Kevin and Susan McCarty here in Maine
    This weekend )
    Spool on


  9. I can only imagine how difficult it is to replay your accident and then how frustrating it is to endure the unnecessary delays to get Gerty repaired and finish out your ride. I hope it unfolds that the best part of this journey and ride is ahead of you. You have accomplished so much and you know we’ve been watching and anticipating your return to PVB. Stay safe through the remaining trek.


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