Day 73 Perry to High Springs, FL 72 Miles (4029 total miles)

4000 miles. That’s a long way. I don’t care what your mode of transportation is.

Pretty flat today. Felt good. Right shoulder is almost not tingly. Things are good.

I was trying to think of the last time I’ve seen a long distance cyclist (packs on the bike). I think it was in MN. That was a long ways ago! Actually, I haven’t seen many cyclists at all.

I’ve really just made up my own route since mid-AL when I got the tips at the bar. There has been a good bike lane throughout the route I’ve taken through FL…except that bridge in Pensacola.

Way down upon the Suwannee River…

I’ve been focused on crossing 4000 miles. Check. Now I’m thinking about Key West. It’s about 600 miles. I want to be finished no later than September 2. That’s 9 days. Seems reasonable to me.

I know that I said 4800 miles before I started but I’m thinking 4600 is good enough.

Gerty and I will have a Sherpa down the coast. Kris is going to take a relaxing (code for heavy-duty shopping) drive down A1A. She’s wanted to do that for a while and I get out of the shopping part. Win. Win. Looking forward to it. Should be fun.

Palatka tomorrow. Then to the beach Thursday.

Ride on.

Just Pete

13 thoughts on “Day 73 Perry to High Springs, FL 72 Miles (4029 total miles)

  1. There’s a Dairy Queen just before you cross the bridge over the St. Johns River in Palatka. Treat yourself to a well-deserved ice cream cone!!!


  2. At Flagler Beach in two days, you can dip your front wheel in the Atlantic and say you’ve ridden coast-to-coast — the HARD WAY. Congrats on what you’ve accomplished.

    We be look forward to hearing how you navigate Miami. Remember, big cities are a breeze early on Saturday and Sunday mornings, if that works with your schedule. You’d have the place to yourself.


  3. 🎉 WooHoo! 4,000 miles, absolutely amazing!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Glad you are feeling better and enjoying a smoother ride. Looking forward to buying you a bucket full of Buds when you get back home. Congrats Pete!! I know is not yet over, but 4,000 miles, is an incredible feat!

    Ride on! Ride safe!


  4. Yes, we toured up and down Florida coasts and across Florida; rarely if ever saw other fellow cyclists touring. Can recall one couple on a tandem. Hope you ride the bike trail from Fort Lauderdale along the beach to Miami – once you get out of Miami (kind of tricky) follow Adventure Cyclist’s route connecting to the road to the Keys – enjoy the Keys – amazing views of water and old train infrastructure. Much better than in a car!


  5. 4000 miles…you are amazing. Nice to have you back close to home. Ride on and don’t forget to take care of your partner…Gert. don


  6. OMgoodness!!! 600 miles to go! I’m bouncing in my chair with coffee in hand!! SUPER, SUPER job! May you enjoy the heck out of these last miles! Listen carefully—you’ll hear that we’re all whooping and hollering for you!! 👍🚴 Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed! 🙏


  7. Wahoo – 4000 miles 🚴👏👍! Amazing accomplishments by you and Gerty. I’m happy to hear Kris will be joining you for the last portion of your journey. It’ll be fun for her too $$$$. She’ll love finding bargains along the way 😉. Perhaps something for Kerri and Austin’s new house and her 🎉on the 4th.


  8. Yeah 4K miles is way more than I would want to do. I’m thinking across Missouri on the Katy Trail. They even have organizes bike tours from St Louis to Clinton MO (about an hours south of KC). In a few years Deb and I are going to be Charles Kuralt “On the Road” to see this great land!! Of course I’m talking about retirement. Relatives in CA, Fl, NY and WA. For now I’m enjoying the daily adventures of Just Pete!


  9. 4600 mi. is darn good enough! So impressive. (!). Laughed a couple of days ago at gator roadkill observation. Here’s to a fun last 9 days or so. Take good care of ’em, Gerty!


  10. 4k is just absolutely awesome. Sounds like your timeline should work, enjoy the ride down a1a and the Keys. Should be some nice views. Stay strong and safe.


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