Day 72 Tallahassee to Perry, FL 51 Miles (3957 total miles)

And I thought FL would be really flat. Tallahassee area has lots of rolling hills. Last part of day flattened out. Hopefully that’s a trend.

We’re in FL back country. Stopped at a convenience store for something to drink. Was listening to a conversation between 2 locals. Couldn’t understand what either was saying. One guy either has 10 lbs of potatoes or killed a 10’ gator. I think the other guy wanted some of whatever he has.

Speaking of gators…saw one today. Road kill. About a 6 footer. Scared the crap out of me. Saw something black on shoulder. Assumed it was part of a truck tire. See that lots. It was the gator’s head. Rest of him was in ditch.

Most of second half of day was road, nice shoulder, ditch, and then swamp. Guarantee some gators out there! I didn’t stop to check.

My legs are gaining back strength but more slowly than I expected. Pedaled in high gear a bit more today.

Making a route change. Was going to get to the coast in St. Augustine because close to home and had hoped to spend a day or 2 there before final push.

Not planning that after extended stay in Pensacola. Would have to go north to St. Augustine. That doesn’t make sense if not stopping at home so will get on A1A about 40 miles south of there at Flagler Beach. Hang a right and follow A1A for 440 miles. Sounds easy enough.

Thanks to Michelle and Kevin Hileman for my dinner and a couple Buds tonight. Much appreciated.

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 72 Tallahassee to Perry, FL 51 Miles (3957 total miles)

  1. Glad your legs are feeling stronger and I hope you have good flat roads soon!! I notice the extreme heat where you are now, you need to stay hydrated. That is very important. It has cooled off somewhat here now. We had an inch of rain on Sunday. We have deer roadkill here, you have alligators!! I know how glad you are going to be when you are done and I am sure you can see the finish line much clearer now. An amazing accomplishment. Stay safe, Love you, Mom.


  2. You’re getting there…keep yourself hydrated. What’s that song, “never smile at a crocodile…” in your case, alligator. I would avoid dipping my toes in that water, just saying…keep pedaling, you’re doing great!


  3. Keep on keeping’ on.
    You’re like the “Everready Bunny” you just keep going and going…
    Later Gator!
    Stay safe and pedal on.


  4. I’m relieved your gator 🐊 sighting was along the side of the road and not moving 😳. I know you, Gerty and Kris are disappointed about not swinging by Ponte Vedra for a few days. Wow, the final legs (no pun intended) of your journey are clearly in sight Jeff 🚴🚴.
    Ride on 👍👍


  5. So Jeff you appear to be headed down to Gainesville. You can spend night at our home. Gainesville is the bicycle path capital of the world. I tried to warn you about the hills in north Florida. Let me know!

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  6. Eeeww, the gator head! Be careful! The last stretch is coming!! Go Jeff, go Gerty. Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed! 🚴


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