Day 76 Ormond-By-The-Sea to Titusville, FL 61 Miles (4205 total miles)

If you had a worse day than me today, I am so sorry. It had to have been horrendous. Just remember…tomorrow will have a real hard time being worse.

My day started off great. I had nearly 20 miles complete by 10AM. Couple heavy rain showers but I just got wet shoes and socks. Then, I had a flat. You know it had to be the rear tire.

Didn’t have a tube or tools with me to repair. Left them in Kris’ car because there was no way I could have another flat this soon.

Remember clipping a small piece of metal laying on road, sending it flying, and hoping that didn’t damage anything.

2 minutes later I’ve got a flat on the rear tire and nothing to repair it with. Luckily there was a bike shop 3.2 miles away. Called Kris and she was more than an hour away. I decided I could walk and wheel the bike there faster.

Turns out pushing a bike with a flat tire is kind of difficult. Finally get to shop. Closed…permanently.

Plan B, Kris heads to pick me up and drive me to another shop 2 miles away. By the time we get there it’s noon. They tell me they can have me on the move in an hour. Cool. Kris can resume shopping and I would just wait at shop.

12:45 we’re ready to roll. Make it 2.3 miles down the road. Another flat. Same tire. What the????

Kris is a ways away. Bike shop has no one with vehicle that can get me. Wheel the bike 2.3 miles back to shop. My wet shoes and socks were really hurting the bottom of my feet.

Get back to shop. Kris met me there. Shop gave me some explanation of what happened. Something about inside of rim. Way over my head. They repaired again. No charge.

Kris drove me down the road to spot where I got flat. Dropped me off and we agreed she would stay close for a while.

3 miles further. Another flat. Same tire. This time I heard the tube pop and air rush out. I’m beyond frustrated. Kris was there to pick me up in 5-10 minutes. Back to bike shop.

They were extremely embarrassed to see me walk back in the door with Gerty. Last one was their fault. This time it was a faulty tube. Tore apart at seam.

They fixed right away. Again no charge plus they gave me a spare tube. I was almost thinking I’d be better off changing myself.

Kris takes me back to the last stoppage spot. She’s going to stay close again. I have no confidence that there won’t be another flat. I know if that happens, I’m going to explode along with the tube.

We had originally planned to meet Mark Grode, a friend from Bristol, for lunch in Titusville at 2PM. Before 3 flats, it was looking like I’d be there about 1. It was now 3:15 and we were still 40 miles away. 5 miles in more than 5 hours. Not good.

Kris had been keeping Mark apprised of this debacle. We decided to meet for dinner at 6. I would just ride as far as I could in 2.5 hours. Kris would pick me up and we’d call it a day.

Made 35.5 miles and Kris picked me up. 25 miles short of where I hoped to finish the day.

We finally met Mark. Had a great dinner and fun conversation. Mark bought us dinner. Thanks so much, Mark. You helped put some smiles on the end of a crappy day.

I was really fortunate that this episode had Kris with me. It would have been even worse by myself. Plus she got to see my agony up close and personal. She might have even felt a tiny bit sorry for me!!

Going to try to make up some lost miles tomorrow.

Ride on.

Just Pete

12 thoughts on “Day 76 Ormond-By-The-Sea to Titusville, FL 61 Miles (4205 total miles)

  1. Sooooo sorry to read this. BETTER DAY TODAY IS UPON YOU. My day was better won 27 bucks with the golf guys. Getting close and very glad Chris was around.

    Pres >


  2. Poor guy! Oh man, that just stinks. At least your day ended up being nice. Glad Mark was able to meet up with you and Kris.


  3. I just know how frustrated you were yesterday, Today has to be much better. I am sooo glad Kris was there. Seeing Mark had to have helped brighten the day. Stay positive, you will be done soon. Love you, Mom.


  4. Tough one Pete! And you just kept going! Good inspiration to those of us who think we have real “difficulties” during the day! You passed my dad’s place today – wish he’s been there.
    Ride on!


  5. Geee.. Talk about saving the best for last..
    If it was gonna happen at least it happened in Fl and Kris was sorta near by. Sorry you had Ground Hog Day but at least it ended on a good note.
    Stay safe and peddle on🤘🏻🚴🏻🍺💜


  6. I can’t even imagine!!!! Just so happy Kris is there with you! Soon, this will be over and you goal will have been met. Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed. 🙏


  7. Wow that is a bad day! Glad Kris was around and it happened long into the journey. Ride on Jeff, your going to make it. Plenty of Buds waiting for you at the Plantation!


  8. Yikes! What a day. I think Gerty is getting tired too. Kris certainly got an up close and personal opportunity to be involved in your journey 🚴. The finish line is in sight Jeff and you continue to impress us all!!
    Ride on 👍👍


  9. Oh Pete… yes you had a horrible day but you are almost home.. Greg is heading back to Bristol early tomorrow morning, it’s time For r Bob to take up residence at the Sun Dial Manor


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