Day 75 Palatka to Ormond By the Sea, FL 47 miles (4144 total miles)

Just a pointer for inexperienced cyclists…it’s way easier to pedal without the brake engaged. Trust me.

Cruised along pretty good today. The next challenge is going to be rain and thunderstorms…a common FL occurrence this time of year.

It rained hard for about 40 minutes in the morning. Got soaked. Worst part in the rain is that my shoes fill up with water and get a bit heavy. Well that and the fact that it can get really difficult to see. I don’t have windshield wipers.

Finally made the coast at Flagler Beach!

It was actually a bit exciting to see the Atlantic Ocean and realize that we had left the Pacific Ocean 75 days ago.

I kind of paid attention to the weather as I had lunch. I hoped to get about 15 miles south of Flagler. Looked like I might have an hour of little to no rain. That would be all I needed.

Gerty and I took off. 5 minutes in it started pouring. I’m talking FL afternoon deluge. The wind was howling as well…from pretty much every direction.

After 8 miles I surrendered. Pulled into a little bar near the beach and had Kris meet me there. These storms can pass as quickly as they appear. Got kind of nice later but I was mentally checked out.

Perfect little spot. Had a couple drinks, went to pay, and was told by Sarah that it was on her. Such a nice gesture once again. I hope this journey helps refresh your view of humanity. People have been so kind to me the entire way.

We spent the night with Keith and Tynel Lafoucade. Some pizza, wine, beer, and good memories. We’ve known Keith and Tynel a loong time. Kris and Tynel worked together 30+ years ago.

Kris already has lodging lined up for tomorrow night in Cocoa Beach I just have to pedal a bit over 80 miles to get there while dodging raindrops and thunderbolts. No problem.

Ride on.

Just Pete

9 thoughts on “Day 75 Palatka to Ormond By the Sea, FL 47 miles (4144 total miles)

  1. I was wondering about the weather yesterday, hoping you might be just south of the storms. Too bad. Hope you are able to stay dry and enjoy the ride downtrend coast.


  2. Nice to see you back “home” with family and friends. BTW I have been sending pictures of you to a number of retail outlets who are looking for Santa this holiday season. Some very promising opportunities. As your unofficial agent I am asking for a case of bud for every hour. Hope that works for you. Ride on. don


  3. It must have been exciting, and a bit emotional, to see the Atlantic Ocean, realizing how far you’ve pedaled, and your journey’s end is near. Personally I can’t stop smiling when I see the Atlantic, and it’s written into our fictitious marriage contract that Rich has to take me to see it at least one time per year, haha! So good you have Kris to share this last segment with, it will make all the difference. Stay safe!


  4. So happy Kris has arrived! I’ve been following the weather and worrying about you and Gerty. We certainly experienced the dramatic change in FL weather at Brooke’s wedding in April 🌧! Cocoa Beach sounds great, lots to see and do (for Kris) while you rest before you …..
    Ride on!!!


  5. Hope you made it to Cocoa Beach. We are at the lake for a few days. I cannot imagine how much easier it is to pedal with lthe brake off. You have made some good friends along the way and it is a good reminder for all of us to be more kind. Glad Kris is there now. Stay safe and ride on. Love you, M


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