Day 79 Lake Worth to Coral Gables, FL 79 Miles (4380 total miles)

Gerty and I had another good day. She seems to be operating at a high level again. She’s had kind of a rough trip through FL.

Interesting ride today. Broad diversity of towns, cities, and roads. Lots of time going through beach towns. I really like that. Good scenery all over the place.

Welcome to the jungle.

Crossed lots of bridges. Had to wait to cross 3 different drawbridges. Had to wait about 10 minutes on this one. Thought about trying to jump it but didn’t know if I could keep the speed up. It was kind of steep.

Passed through Dania Beach. Route went on a boardwalk along the beach for a few miles. Ocean on one side and bars/restaurants on other side. I really wanted to just bar hop my way down the beach but had places to be. One of my favorite stretches of entire trip.

Shortly after that I was in Miami. That was a bit crazy but I obviously survived. Took me 2.5 hours to go 25 miles through Miami. Lots of stop lights.

Had to slam on my brakes for only second time on trip. Some moron passed me so he could turn right in front of me and then he had to stop mid-turn. Hit the brakes hard enough that back end fishtailed a bit.

Only other bad thing was getting stuck behind a bus. Smoky and very hot.

Met Kris in Coral Gables (just south of Miami). We had a great dinner spending time with Logan Storley. His grandma, Sherry, and I were cousins so we both have some of Grandma Gert’s spunk in us.

Logan is a South Dakota guy. He was a 6x state wrestling champion in high school and a 4x All-American at U of Minnesota. He now fights MMA and has a record of 13-1. I may be biased but the one loss was a pretty questionable decision. He is the real deal and a super nice young man.

Logan is the guy on left. Just in case you had a question about that.

If you’re planning on donating to the charities I’m pedaling for, you best get on it. Just go to

155 miles (or so) to Key West. The Keys are about 100 miles long so we’ll be in the Keys tomorrow and I’m hoping to make Key West Wednesday.

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 79 Lake Worth to Coral Gables, FL 79 Miles (4380 total miles)

  1. Well done Pete!! …. what a huge example of commitment and perseverance!! … Congratulations of achieving such an ambitious objective. Wow!! Enjoy Key West! … we are all looking forward to your return. In the meantime, keep on keeping safe!! Cheers!


  2. Glad you’re out of the doldrums of frustration. You would have kept going anyway – even if you did get another flat.
    We all know that.


  3. Yay, Jeff!!! What beautiful scenery you’re now riding in. The end is nearing. Congratulations seems just not enough for your feat!!! Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed! I have a check ready to mail for SunDial manor. Just let me know where to send it. I’d prefer not to have a PayPal account


  4. What an awesome journey for you and Gerty!! I have so enjoyed following along. You have a real gift for writing (I could actually feel your joys and your frustrations) and great strength and perseverance! Good luck on this final leg and congratulations on this spectacular achievement!!!


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