Day 81 Islamorada to Key West, FL 82 Miles (4535 total miles)

Gerty had no issues on this final stretch. Thank goodness because I was extremely focused on Key West.

If you’ve not been to the Keys, it’s basically pieces of land (islands) connected by bridges.

One of those bridges is 7 miles long. I was nervous about getting a flat somewhere along there as I would be walking Gerty a ways. No place for cars to stop so Kris wouldn’t be able to get to me there.

Mile markers are a big thing through the Keys. Locations are referred to by the mile marker they are at. Kind of like exits on the NJ Turnpike.

I was heading to mile marker 0…the end of the road.

Once I got to mile marker 10, it was a sprint to the finish.

End of the Road

Now it was time to celebrate with my pit crew.

We’re going to spend a couple days in Key West and plan to be home on Saturday. Excited for that. I’ve got to get some golf in because I’m playing in a Member/Guest tournament at Maryland Golf & CC in 2 weeks. There’s a possibility that I will suck. Sorry, Snappy!!

I’ve got lots of specific people to thank. That will be a separate blog. Right now, I’ll just thank all of you for your continuous support and encouragement. You helped me keep going through some frustrating days the past few weeks.

I’m pretty tired…I think I’ll go home now.

Ride no more.

Just Pete

36 thoughts on “Day 81 Islamorada to Key West, FL 82 Miles (4535 total miles)

  1. Jeff,

    Congratulations. You made it though all the hassles that were thrown at you. What an achievement. Look forward to seeing you real soon. Tom


  2. Congratulations!!!!! You accomplished an amazing feat…I have to be honest in that I really wondered if you could do it with the lack of training and and biking background, but your grit and determination is extremely admirable and served you well! Enjoy Key West – getting home – and finally “hit ‘em long and straight”!


  3. Congrats Pete! Do you want me to pick you up at the airport? Kidding! That morning start seems like ages ago! I know it feels that way to you!

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. CONGRATULATIONS! You are truly amazing and such a warrior! Everyone is so proud of what you have accomplished and the money you have raised for your various charities. Dare I ask you what your next adventure will be? I’m sure you’ve thought about it along the way. Enjoy Key West with your beautiful and supportive wife Kris!!


  5. Congrats!!! What a daunting and terrific accomplishment . I felt so bad about the 20 flats in two days, glad you were able to persevere and power through it. Perhaps a Bud when you get home!! George


  6. After many long and winding roads, ups (hills, Buds, many beautiful sights and great people) and downs (hills, exhaust, heat and only a few biffs or flats [what’s with FL 😉] along the way, you’ve accomplished what you set out to do (something most folks would not even think about doing) with grace and fortitude (and probably some stubbornness). Congratulations Just Pete. Enjoy The keys with Kris and Ride On home (with 4 wheels). Cheers!!🍻🍻🍻🍻


  7. Congrats, Pete! Really enjoyed reading about your daily adventures. Good and bad! Ha! Nina and I will be at ECRM in January. Marriott Sawgrass. Hope to see you then, my friend. Bill mcg


  8. Congratulations Pete! You are an inspiration to us all. Such grit and fortitude those last few days. Looking forward to having a Bud with you at the Beach Club in the near future.

    Dave Cannon


  9. CONGRATULATIONS PETE!! What an amazing accomplishment! Your dedication and commitment to reach your goal is awe inspiring!! With respect, Kevin McC


  10. Congratulations brother!
    You are THE MAN!!!
    What a fantastic accomplishment!
    Enjoy yourself and celebrate doing something that most of us would never even dream of!


  11. Congratulations!!!! You are an inspiration for all of us who ride. Will there be instructions on how we can get our donation to you? The beer I will deliver in person. don


  12. Pete
    You are my hero!! Congratulations! Florida was not kind to you and Gerty but you rode through it like a champion. Either you or Gerty should be Bronzed and put on display. We’ll let Kris decide which one. Look forward to seeing you soon!


  13. Pete, you have accomplished something very few could, but that’s what makes to tick. Donations to a good cause and an audacious goal! It was great getting your emails each day and following your progress. Cheers to you and your co-pilot who saw you to the finish line.

    Enjoy some Jimmy Buffet and some Buds in the Keys!!!

    See you soon

    Dave A


  14. Jeff,

    Awesome. Are you and Kris driving to Baltimore for the member guest? Let me no know maybe a stop over in Richmond?



  15. The final whistle has blown! Game over! Victory!
    Congratulations to you, Gerty, Kris, and your entire team! Incredibly inspiring!
    Enjoy a few days off.
    Skip the Buds and enjoy an expensive bottle of wine!!
    See you soon.


  16. Just Do It! Just Pete Did It!
    Good on you Pete. Everyone is really proud and thankful that the charities will benefit!! Hugs to you and Kris!!
    Reggie. Xoxo


  17. Congratulations! I’m not even sure that’s a big enough word for what you’ve accomplished! To ride XC, self supported, SOLO, and with next to no biking experience is a mind blowing undertaking. You have proven the quote from TS Eliot to be so true. Amazing. It’s also surreal that we took your picture on July 4 back in TRNP! Seems so long and many, many miles ago, you’ve come so far. Relax, and Enjoy the Ride home… in a car!


  18. Oh! So glad you didn’t have a flat on the bridge! So very happy you and Gerty have made your goal. Enjoy The Keys, and have a great time golfing when you get home!🏌️‍♂️It’s been quite the adventure being with you on your ride! Thank you for what you do for charities. Enjoy your Buds! 🍺😊 God’s Speed!


  19. Congratulations Jeff. Really enjoyed following your journey. Your strength to overcome obstacles and reach goals is incredible. Enjoy Key West, see you in a few days.


  20. Kudos to you Jeff! We’re all proud of your determination and major accomplishments. I know you and Kris will enjoy your time in Key West before you head back home for your next challenges ⛳️ 🏌️‍♂️AND collecting rewards 🍺🍺🍺.


  21. Ya did it! Wow! Congratulations. Besides being a hellova biker & hiker, you also have ‘the touch’ with your blog writing. Enjoyed every post. Thanks for … ‘taking us all along.’


  22. WOOHOO!!!! You did it! You met your overwhelming goal! I’ve been reading your posts to my husband every day (Chad bikes too but nothing like that!!) and we have both come to look forward to your daily posts. So very proud of you, Jeff!


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