April 14-20, 2017

Week 3 Fontana Dam, NC to Hot Springs, NC 109 Miles (273 total miles)

That was a pretty good week. 100+ miles and finished Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

Spring is coming.
Tented just past the end of Great Smokey National Park.
Just follow the path. Sounds simple.
Max Patch Bald
Big thanks to whomever invented bridges.
Rhododendrons would be blooming soon.
Water is life.
So is Budweiser. With my friend, Big Foot. Really just trying to see if I have a picture with a Bud every week. It will be most of them!

Happy Trails

Just Pete

5 thoughts on “April 14-20, 2017

  1. Hello Jeff- (As I recall, that’s your actual name!)🤪

    I’m enjoying seeing these memories posted. I actually had the opportunity to hike a couple of miles on the Appalachian Trail when we went thru the Smokey’s on our way home to South Dakota from Florida last week. Came across a 75 year old man that was doing a thru hike – his first time! I was so grateful for having had your documented experiences to be able to talk to him like I knew what it was like for him! I’m so impressed by the drive and determination of both of you!!!

    I also really enjoyed your other blogs and watching your progress with the bike ride was amazing…I had hopes of riding with you for a bit, but it just didn’t come together for me.

    But, my reason for contacting you is that I never received any information after you finished the ride about how to hold up my end of the pledge. Did I miss something? Please let me know what I pledged and how to go about fulfilling it.


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  2. As i recall, you being pretty successful on the Bud photo challenge 🍺. I also remember how amazed I was by the trail magic!!!!!


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