May 20

Day 51 Bearwallow Gap to VA 614 (5.6 miles) 756.3 miles total

I felt a little lethargic this AM but got on trail by 9:30.

Saw a fisherman catch a big trout in this stream. Probably close to 24″. Also saw a big, brown snake swimming along. Probably close to 48″!

Shuttle driver said to me this AM “Be careful up there today. It’s gonna storm up there this afternoon.”

When you’re hiking in forested mountains you don’t see much horizon so difficult to see storms approaching. I heard yesterday’s thunderstorm much earlier than I saw clouds.

I knew leaving that a campground (with lunch) was 6 miles down trail and a shelter at 10 miles. If it was like yesterday, there’d be a passing thunderstorm then clearing.

Got to campground little after noon. Not raining but I was actually hoping it would start so I could justify not hiking and getting a cabin.

About 1:30 clouds started moving fast. I got a cabin. By 3:00 major thunderstorm. Made me feel vindicated and not such a slacker!

Rained pretty good for about 4 hrs. Electricity went out. My cabin (no running water) was dry though.

Weather for next 5 days is very similar so will do what I can to make some miles.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “May 20

  1. You got the first 50 days under your belt! Well done!
    I don’t like snakes and I like ’em even less in the water.
    Good luck on this coming weeks’ hikes… hope you catch a break in the weather.
    Go get ’em!


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