May 31

Day 62 Rock Spring Hut to Thornton Gap (14.3 miles) 942.0 miles total

It’s much easier to hike on a day when you know 4 days of R&R are following!


Hiked to a spot where I thought would be good place to hitch a ride from. Thornton Gap is right along Skyline Drive so that became the target.


Made it to Thornton Gap about 2PM. Got a ride from one of the first cars to pass. A wonderful couple from Belgium, Bruno and Linda, picked me up and took me all the way into Front Royal (about 25 miles). Bruno and Linda are on a 3 week vacation touring PA, MD, and VA.


Thanks so much Bruno and Linda. It was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you. Safe travels!

Brooke picked me up shortly after 6 and we were in Baltimore about 8:30.

I am now officially on vacation. No hiking for 4 days. Perfect timing for the physical and mental break from the grind.

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “May 31

  1. Good for you. Enjoy your well deserved days off!! Have a great time with family & friends.. Hi to your ladies💜


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