August 15

Day 138 Mt Garfield Tentsite to No Pond Tentsite (15.5 miles) 1842.1 miles total

Long day but got myself 8.7 miles from Mitzpah Spring Hut. Hope to roll in there about 2PM tomorrow as a guest!


It was a short hike to Galehead Hut. Not as spacious as previous Hut. They did have soup (more like broth) and baked goods (burnt) and it was nice to sit and rest a bit.

This is my artistic impression of Hut. Retro Western saloon look with backpacks up front instead of horses.


They do have a pretty nice view from that front porch.

image1 (4)

Scaled South Twin Mtn (4902′). You can see some relatively flat land in this direction.



Of course, I’m heading in this direction!


The muck from bog fall has pretty much worn into shirt. Have been able to rinse off a bit at Huts.

Below is an example of boggy muck. No boardwalk where I fell. Just imagine rocks that you hop/step from one to the next. Closest crap is like quicksand that is about 8″ deep. After that it’s a little more liquid and a couple inches deeper.

image2 (2)

Stopped at Zealand Falls Hut later (4PM) in day. They were very busy with guests checking in, including about 30 Boy Scouts. Asked Croo if I could pay to fill one of my liter water bottles with lemonade. “Sure. Just leave what you think it’s worth in box.” Guessing to normal person would be worth about $5. To me, at that moment, about $20. I left $5.



5 miles from Hut to Ethan Pond Campsite where hoping to tent. First stretch in Whites where you could move relatively quickly.

Made it in less than 2 hours only to find all tentsites taken. They have a caretaker here and charge $8 per person to tent. I’ve just hiked 15+ miles through Whites (plus 1/4 to campsite) and I’m not happy! Caretaker told me about spot less than half mile up trail. Thus, I end up at No Pond Tentsite. Good, level spot at least.

Excited to spend tomorrow night at Mitzpah Spring Hut. Just have to cross Mt Webster and Mt Jackson to get there.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 15

  1. Seems like you’ve adapted well to the Whites! They were the last bit of uncertainty for the hike so it must feel good to know that there’s few surprises remaining. You’re rounding the corner to the final stretch!


  2. You adapt easily. Like what else could you do but adapt. What do you think the Chargers will do this year? Are they moving to LA? Bummer for San Diego. We had a 25 year employee pass away Monday. He was only 50. Didn’t call or show for work and here he had passed at home. Trying to wrap our heads around that. He will be missed!


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