August 16

Day 139 No Pond Tentsite to Mitzpah Spring Hut (8.7 miles) 1850.8 miles total
That was a hard 8.7 miles.

Walked along Webster Cliffs. Great views but wind was 40mph+.

I usually don’t get passed by too many people in a day. Young day hikers were flying by me. Probably passed by 20!

There was a lot of rock climbing today. Had to toss stick up ahead couple times because needed both hands. Lots of stretches like below and then, of course, you have to go down similar. I’ve learned to swallow my pride and scoot down on my butt at some points.

That little dot in center of pic is the Hut. Finally got there at 2:30.

Ran into Alexander (Big Foot) who took pic of family on day 1. Haven’t seen him since Hot Springs, NC. Long time ago!

View of dining area and kitchen behind.

Great dinner: bean soup, bread, salad, pulled pork, baked broccoli, and blueberry bars for dessert. I pigged out.

Weather tomorrow is supposed to be good. Almost 6 miles to Mt Washington. Hope to be there by noon. Hoping to make 15 miles total.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 16

  1. Sounds like your meal at the Hut was delicious. Glad you get some great food occasionally. You seem to be hiking along at a good rate. It won’t be long and you will be done!!! Hooray!! Yahoo!! Isn’t it strange that just now you ran into Big Foot, seems somewhere along the way you would have seen one another. Hope your next few days tackling the beast of the east will be okay. Stay safe, don’t take any unnecessary chances. Love From , MOM


  2. To hell with pride. As long as you don’t turn your shorts into chaps it’s all good. That may be a bit disturbing for someone that wants to pass you😜😂
    That’s awesome that you ran into Big Foot.. Any sign of Princess or Snails?
    Be careful & Keep on Truckin!!


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