August 25

Day 148 East B Hill Rd to Old Blue Mtn Tentsite (13.2 miles) 1946.1 miles total

Met Gang Grey (aka Franko, Todd, Mike, and Tom) in Andover. Very small town so I heard those Harleys coming! We had breakfast, a beer, and lots of laughs in a couple of hours. They also brought me a care package from Dawn and Dave. Set on bandanas now. Thanks, everyone. Good for my sanity!

Got started hiking about 1:00. Terrain is significantly less difficult. A bit tougher than average. Still a few smaller rock scrambles. Able to move at a much more mentally acceptable mph.

Right now weather forecast is good for the next week. Only 3 more town stops planned. Last will be Monson. Really hoping to make it there next Friday or early Saturday. Leave Sunday into the 100 Mile Wilderness (relatively easy hiking but nothing for 100 miles). After that it’s 15 miles in Baxter State Park to Mt Kathadin.  

I will then officially retire from long distance hiking…except that you have to walk 5.5 miles back down mountain to parking area. Gonna have to make sure I don’t gravity blaze that!

Happy trails!

One thought on “August 25

  1. From your picture of the motorcyclists, you fit right in there with your beard!! Glad you had a good time with them. 244 miles left as of yesterday. I am so happy the end is so near. Hoping the weather stays good next week so you can get some good miles in. Remember not to push so hard though. Talk to you soon I am sure. Take care, stay safe. Love from, MOM


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