Day 24 Gijón to Salinas 18 miles (364 miles total)

Happy Fathers Day to all of you dads…especially mine!  Hope you have a great day. 

Got a late start today. Watched a bit of US Open last night/this AM. I can get live coverage on my phone but leaders tee off after 11PM here. 

Today was pretty ugly scenery for the most part. I was warned about this long stretch of industrial vistas…and they were right!

Began with 2-3 miles of urban/retail walk out of Gijon. Straight out this street past retail stores of every type. This was one time I was glad Kris isn’t with me. We’d still be there…and my pack would be 10 lbs heavier but she would have gotten some great deals!!

After getting out of Gijon the Camino climbed up to a mesa-like area. Flat and nice hiking. This was a multi-use area. Can’t tell from pic but that horse was moving. 

From there it was down into a valley. Lots of grassland that they will hay and some larger areas of tilled land. 

Not sure what they do with all the hay. Cows, sheep, and horses seem to have plenty to eat in their pastures. 

The next 8 miles was terrible. Road walking next to factories (most of them abandoned and falling apart) and burnt shells of buildings. I didn’t take a single picture. Too gross and I was walking as fast as I could. 

Finally got out of that crap and reached the town of Aviles. It was a nice afternoon and I could have been talked into stopping for a beer in the plaza but only 3 more miles to the smaller surf town of Salinas. 

Today’s “Hola” smile is from a stop for a coke before I got to Salinas. I must have looked pretty bad because he was initially laughing at (not with) me. We conversed through a waitress who translated for us. He reminded me of a South Dakota farmer. He gave me a big (look at size of his hands) handshake and a buen Camino as I left. 

This is the view of Salinas before descending into town.

Salinas has a few nice restaurants along the malecon (thanks, Von!). It seems a bit more upscale than some of the other surf towns I’ve stopped in. 

This is my abode for the evening. My room is that upper right portal. If you zoom in, you can see that the portal is open. I was pretty certain that I would not be able to figure out how to close it but I surprised myself. Go, me!

This restaurants having their kitchens closed from 4-8PM is a pain in my butt. I got to town at 4. Was hungry and not going to sit around until 8. 

Went to the supermarket and got my own dinner. Bon appetit!

Happy trails and buen Camino!

7 thoughts on “Day 24 Gijón to Salinas 18 miles (364 miles total)

  1. !Estoy impresionado! !Vino en lugar de cerveza! (Beginning ! should be upside down, but can’t figure out the key for that…)


  2. Happy Father’s Day! ypu are missing out on a free beer and a hotdog at the Beach Club! Happy trails! Hola!


  3. Happy Father’s Day to you. We are going to a movie, if there are any good flicks. A great evening of baseball last night. Joe Maur’s jersey was retired and number 7 is hanging with the rest of the honorees. It was done very well and made me cry a few times!! Have a good day, take care of yourself. Love You, MOM. Dad says thanks for the Father’s Day greeting.


  4. Welcome to Spain and the afternoon siesta period. The 4-8 or any combination can certainly be frustrating. Looks like you have a good dinner tho- especially the Rioja🍷🍷🍷.

    Sorry Kris missed out on the shopping 😕.





  5. Hi– Don’t know if is too late or not but the latest Cicerone newsletter had an article on using alternate tracks. Dave Whitson 11 May 2019 ” Making the Camino del Norte your own.” You might find it interesting. (or not)


  6. Those restaurant hours can be frustrating! Should you be interested the latest Cicerone newsletter had an article by Dave Whitson ” Making the Camino del Norte your own”. Talks about taking alternate routes at various points, maybe a help– maybe not. Have a great walk.

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