Day 25 Salinas to Muros de Nalón 11 miles (375 miles total)

A gorgeous, sunny day with temps in low 70’s. Nice!

Climbed out of Salinas up to the ridge line. Along the way I met the “Hola” smile of the day. He doesn’t move quickly but at least he’s moving!


I get such enjoyment out of this Hola bit. I will sometimes tell them that I am the “Hola Hombre”. I’ve always wanted to be an hombre and they usually laugh so it’s all good!

I don’t know what this town is but it looks pretty nice from up on the ridge. It’s about 2 or 3 miles west of Salinas. I’ll award a gold star to first one to figure it out.

unnamed (1)

Seems like today, I’m just being teased with glimpses of the ocean. Thankfully the scenery is much better than yesterday.

unnamed (2)

Everything is so lush and green wherever you look. I’ve not been to the southern coast of Spain but I’ve been told it gets much less rainfall and is significantly warmer than here on the north.

unnamed (3)

One of my aggravations (aside from meal times) here is coffee. I don’t drink it but when they make it there is a huge process involved. They grind some up, put it in this machine that fizzes and spits, slowly enough comes out to fill a cup that is slightly bigger than a shot glass, and then they add milk or slowly pour over ice.

This may not sound like a big deal to you but when you’ve been walking for 3 straight hours and just want a simple coke it is painful. Each shot takes nearly a minute to make. Today I stopped at a place, watched the waitress make 4 of these things, knew she was making 3 or 4 more, and walked out. I had to walk another 30 minutes to next bar/cafe to get my coke. I sure showed them!

unnamed (4)

I was much happier after I got my coke but I am really beginning to dislike those coffee machines!!

unnamed (5)

They are not afraid of using bold colors on their houses.

unnamed (6)

Walked near this river for quite some time. It must start from those hills.

unnamed (7)

It eventually meanders its way to the ocean.

unnamed (8)

Remember those storage shed type things on stilts I had a picture of a few days ago. Got some information on them. They are called horreos and were/are used to store corn and grain crops. Virtually all of them, including this one, are more than 100 years old.

unnamed (9)

This one is at a family run lodging establishment and they’ve turned it into a room.

unnamed (10)

I stayed in it. Very nicely done. Ignore my crap strewn around the place but notice the sign above bed. I thought that was quite funny!

unnamed (11)

Good place to spend Fathers Day!

Happy trails and buen Camino!

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