Day 32 Abadin to Baamonde 25 miles (500 miles total)

Was a bit tough getting going this AM. Been having some spasms in my lower back when getting out of bed. Slightly worse every day. Today had to assume the fetal position for about 10 minutes. That helped. Once I get up and moving, no problem.

We seem to be walking through smaller hills now. Today was a very fast hike. 25 miles in 7.5 hrs with a 1/2 hr lunch break in there.


Seeing more pilgrims each day. Today was kind of like a reunion day. Saw the 19 year young German girl I walked with for quite a bit 7-10 days ago. Saw the Italian lady I had lunch with a few days ago. Saw the Korean couple I had dinner with a couple nights ago. I am pretty bad at remembering names. Part of the problem is I assume I won’t see them again and don’t want to waste what little brain space I have available.

The shape of the horreos has changed from basically square in Austurias to rectangular in Galicia. Not sure of the reason for the shape change but it is readily apparent.

unnamed (1)

I’m fairly certain this “Hola” smile of the day will get some “Aww, cute” thoughts.

unnamed (2)

I had lunch in that city, Vilalba, 30 minutes before this picture. Sometimes it’s good to take a few seconds and look back at where you’ve been.

unnamed (3)

One odd thing to me is that the closer we get to Santiago, the more distance between services like food and lodging. Today it was 13 miles to Vilalba and then 12 more to Baamonde. Between there…nothing. There were a couple “towns” but they were really just a couple houses and some abandoned buildings. No services. Tomorrow is similar.

unnamed (4)

I am now about 60 miles from Santiago de Compostela. Pilgrims have a book that you get stamped along the way and show that in Santiago to get a certificate.

I haven’t been very diligent about getting stamps. Primarily because with the number of pilgrims arriving in Santiago each day there can be a wait of 3 hours to get that certificate. There is 0% chance I will wait around for that. I got a 2,000 mile certificate from Appalachian Trail Society…not sure where that is. Heck, I made my first hole in one in 30 years of golf 4 months ago and lost the golf ball 3 holes later.

I, and you, know how far I walked. That’s all that matters. Plus I’ll be walking another 300 miles past there.

Not really sure what this is. It’s an old farm building that sits by itself but looks as though someone uses it. Nice sitting area.

unnamed (5)

Going to have to do another 20+ miles tomorrow. Just not seeing any good stopping points between 15 and 20 miles. Not sure how many 20+ mile days I can do in a row but guess we’ll find out if I can do at least 4.

Happy trails and buen Camino!


4 thoughts on “Day 32 Abadin to Baamonde 25 miles (500 miles total)

  1. Your smile picture today was an “aw cute” one. Hope your spasms get better. Awesome pictures every day. You have a great way with words. We are proud of all you have done and continue to do. Take care.
    Love you, MOM


  2. If you grab behind both knees while lying in bed, then rock back and forward. It will take a time or two, but it will keep the vertabrae or spine loosened, so it won’t compressed on your walking. Best of luck. Love your stories. Shiela


  3. Wow, I have ZERO suggestions about your spasms! Disappointed that you think the major church in Santiago is closed. Can’t even imagine the disappointment of the true Pilgrims. It’s such a wonderful spot! Like you said, you’ll know what you’ve accomplished and we’re all proud of you👍👍👍


  4. This is not intended to be medical advice. If you do take NSAIDS, muscle relaxants or other medications for this, and it is not against medical advice you have received, you may want to consider taking them, after hydration, with the evening meal, the idea being that they settle things down by morning, making it easier to get up. Also note that pharmacists in spain have much “discretion” in dispensing prescription drugs. Get well soon.

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