Day 33 Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes 25 miles (525 miles total)

Stayed in a very inexpensive room last night. Small bed that was slanted. Surprised I was able to stay on all night and get a good sleep. Amazed that my back felt totally fine this AM.

Knew that today had to be a long walk. In my head there were services at 13 miles and then not until 25 miles.

Morning was spent walking through some nice forest areas.


I’ve seen sheep, horses, and cows being herded down the road.

unnamed (1)

Followed this guy and his herd for a couple hundred yards. Seemed to have a lead cow that listened to him. If any of the others got out of place, his dogs got them right back in line.

unnamed (2)

I had everything I could do to keep El Jeffe from doing a live broadcast here. I was afraid he’d say something stupido and start a stampedo!!

This is typical of the small hamlets we’ve been walking through past couple of days.

unnamed (3)

The “Hola” smile of the day (really more of a grin) goes to this artisan. His studio was a small shack in the hamlet. He had music blaring loudly which caught my attention. I have no clue what he makes!

unnamed (4)

This little lamb thinks he’s a mountain goat.

unnamed (5)

At about 8 mile mark I passed an alburque and cafe. 2 ladies there that I had talked to last night. Strange because we had discussed no services until 13 miles. I blew past because I could easily make 5 more miles before I stop.

Went through a stretch of randomly different terrain. Very rocky and hilly for a couple miles.

unnamed (6)

As I’m nearing the 13 mile mark I am really ready for a break. Been walking nonstop for nearly 4 hours.

unnamed (7)

Just slightly passed mile 13 I caught up with Greta and Danny, a nice couple from Ireland I’d met a couple days ago. When they asked how I was I told them I couldn’t wait to get to the town up ahead. “Pete, the next town is nearly 20 km (12 miles)”. NOT good!

unnamed (8)

Danny thought there may be a cafe in 15 km (9 miles). Really no options. I’ve got some 2 day old bread, a Kit Kat bar, a coke, and a half liter of water. No problem I lie to myself.

Walked with Danny and Greta for almost an hour until they took a break. This had turned into a challenge for me. How far can I go without taking a break? My only pauses had been to take pics and pee. No sitting or taking pack off.

Decided I needed some ground rules. Had to stop if I started staggering down the road or if I started hallucinating.

unnamed (9)

One foot in front of the other. Final 3 miles was on side of a road with nowhere to sit if I wanted and definitely not a good place to be staggering. Focusing is kind of difficult after 6 straight hours of walking.

There was a cafe where Danny thought. Hallelujah! I had gone about 21 miles in 6.5 hours with no stops. You should not even try that on your treadmill at home. Where are you going to pee?

Danny and Greta caught up with me as I was savoring my second Coke. This is Danny boy.

unnamed (10)

The last 4 miles to town was a relative piece of cake. Made it only to find no hotel rooms! I think I’ll just sit down and cry. Give me a minute, please.

unnamed (11)

Well, I do have a tent. Got something to eat and found a park on outskirts of town where I pitched my tent.

I’ll sleep well unless this is illegal and I get rousted.

Happy trails and buen Camino!

4 thoughts on “Day 33 Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes 25 miles (525 miles total)

  1. That was a horrible day for you. You always have to go above and beyond. Hope your tent provided a restful night and by now you have been able to get some food. Great pictures again and commentary. Take care. Love you, MOM


  2. What a trying day! Happily I haven’t seen anything on the news about a hiker hallucinating on the Camino in Espana. No jerky this time around? I love that you keep catching up with fellow hikers along the way 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ Hang in there Jeffe👍👍👍


  3. Wow what a day! Was going to offer you some yoga stretches but glad your back is feeling good.
    Curious to hear what the tick situation is if any. I was up on the AT a few days ago and picked 6 (!) off my body within a few hours.
    Happy trails….


  4. I think you might have mixed up kilometers and miles. That first stop was at 13 Kms. Stop using miles! No one else in the world uses them.


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