Day 34 Sobrado dos Monxes to Lavacolla 27 miles (552 miles total)

I didn’t get rousted from my tenting spot but it was a pretty damp and chilly night. Not sure what the temp was but guessing low 50’s. 

Please notice that I’m getting into the front seat vs being shoved into the back seat of this police vehicle.  I didn’t actually get in but the policeman was going to be my smile of the day until he got beat out. That’s also my tent strapped to outside of pack trying to dry out.

A bit over 7 miles to town of Boimorto and another decision point. 

Choice is old official route or new official route. Old route is about 5 miles longer but has many more towns and services along the way as it joins the Camino Frances early on. About 10 times the number of people are walking the Frances as opposed to Norte which I’ve been on.
The new route is shorter and keeps you away from the crowds but you have to go 20 miles with very limited services.  Guessing there will be more services in years ahead. They will try to encourage people on the Norte to stay on this route to keep from overcrowding the old route. 

I will do my part to avoid the overcrowding. Made a pit stop in Boimorto. Filled my water bottle, ate a half dozen chocolate mini donuts, and had a coke. Also picked up some peanuts, a chocolate bar, and a spare coke. Then I headed out on the new official route. 

It was a pretty sunny day. Quite a bit of road walking and not very many people doing their part to avoid the overcrowding. I felt pretty alone out here. 

Every once in a while we’d venture off the road to walk a trail through the forest. The shade was refreshing and the dirt path good for my feet and legs. 

Still passing lots of small farms and tiny hamlets through here. Not quite as many orchards as in Austurias but there are a few.

I keep seeing this tall, leafy garden crop. No clue what it is but virtually everyone with a garden grows it. 

Doing these long mile days seems to tire me out mentally as much, or more, than physically. You get tired of talking to yourself. Today I had the song Danny Boy floating through my brain.  I only know first 2 lines so that got pretty old. 
The Camino in Galicia is very well marked as I told you before. Problem now is there are too many markers. It’s like watching the time slowly tick by at school or work. I think I must have gone at least 1Km since last post only to discover it was less than half that. Eventually I try not to look at them. 

After a while I am really ready for a chair with a back. They weren’t joking about services being limited. Saw a bar early on but really nothing since. 

I finally came across the “Hola” smile of the day and he had some good news. He told me there was a bar 1Km ahead. He could tell I was excited about that so he told me a bunch of other things but I had no clue what he was saying.  He was excited to be helpful. 

There was a bar ahead. It was closer to 3Km than 1 but I made it!
Lavacolla is only about 7 miles from Santiago. The last couple miles I joined the great migration of people as the new route merged with the Camino Frances and the old route. 
Got a hotel room, did laundry, and had a nice dinner. A trifecta.
I’ve taken 252,000 steps and walked 118 miles over last 5 days. I don’t think I’ll have many 20 mile days rest of way so should be a bit more relaxing from here on. 
I plan to hang around Santiago for a couple hours tomorrow and watch pilgrims reach their goal. 
After that I’ll begin heading to the end of the world, Finisterre. 
Happy trails and buen Camino!

3 thoughts on “Day 34 Sobrado dos Monxes to Lavacolla 27 miles (552 miles total)

  1. The solitude would bug me too. The trail magic hasn’t seemed to transfer to the Camino yet.
    Random thoughts –
    – Chocolate donuts and Coke – the breakfast of champions!
    – Could that garden plant be chard?
    – On your next walk, consider practicing random songs that come to mind before going.
    – Thought of you today at Musée d’Orsay when I saw paintings of cows🐄
    -I’m anxious to hear your impressions of Santiago. I hope you CAN get into the church 👍👍




  2. Lots of miles lately, Pete… marathon distances but thankfully walking, not running. (I’m not sure what would have to happen to make me run anymore, up to and including the appearance of a bear.)

    No help on the leafy plant-thing. I’m of the ‘That’s a plant,” “That’s a tree,” “That’s a bird” school. So together we’ve established that it’s a plant of some sort, so a small victory.

    Buen Camino! Always look forward to your daily stories from the trail.

    Liked by 1 person

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