Day 36 Negreira to Corzon 19 miles (590 miles total)

These people work fast. I was only in town for 18 hours. Do you think it makes my ankles look fat?


Negreira is a very nice town. Old but very clean looking. Obviously the European towns are old. Some just have a fresher look than others.

unnamed (1)

The terrain through here consists of lots of rolling hills.

unnamed (2)

Combine those hills with some dirt paths through the forest and you’ve got a nice walk.

unnamed (3)

The “Hola” smile of the day. Just out for her daily walk!

unnamed (4)

There is something about Finisterre and it being thought of as the end of the world at one point in time that fascinates me. I am more excited to get there than Santiago.

unnamed (5)

Kris had suggested to me the other day that I should be walking like I’m on vacation instead of seeing how hard I can physically push myself. Doesn’t really go with my mindset but I’m trying!

unnamed (6)

This scenery makes it a bit easier to just saunter.

unnamed (7)

Today is Thursday. I hope to be in Finisterre Saturday. 3 days to do 40 miles. I’m doing my best to fight the urge to do it in 2 days.

unnamed (8)

One of the really strange things I’ve noticed is that there is no wildlife here. I have not seen a single squirrel. I saw one deer but that was on train from Madrid to Pamplona. The only non-domesticated animals I’ve seen were 4 rabbits…and they were in a yard so could have been domesticated. Very weird.

We had one pretty good climb today.

unnamed (9)

This is the biggest lake I’ve seen. Well, I’ve only seen 2 others so not a huge sample size.

unnamed (10)

About 3PM I came across a small place offering camping for $7. Very new and modern facilities. Really nice shower, bar, and restaurant.

It is operated by a mother and son. Don’t know how it will work for them financially as only spots for 3 tents…and they’re not too level.

They took good care of me though. Dinner was spaghetti with tiny little octopus legs that almost looked like the spaghetti. Quite good. Main course was baked cod and potatoes. Also good. $9. What a deal!

This is the sunset view from my tent.

unnamed (11)

Happy trails and buen Camino!


3 thoughts on “Day 36 Negreira to Corzon 19 miles (590 miles total)

  1. I agree with Kris… savor the journey smell the flowers (or cow dung) enjoy the ride!

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  2. It’s a little late to take Kris’ advice but I’d say take your “time” and get there in 3 days. Then it’ll really be time to celebrate!! 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺.
    I was at the cathedral in Rouen (on one of the French pilgrimage trails) yesterday and they have a major display about the Camino options from other European countries. I got some information for you 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

    Adios Jeffe!



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