Day 37 Corzon to Corcubión 15 miles (605 miles total)

It’s amazing how an experience can be so perfect and then a customer service blunder relegates it to crap. 
Last night the manager/proprietor of property I tented on came out to my tent and asked what time I would be leaving. Told him sometime between 8 and 9AM. I was assuming that would help him know when to have kitchen open. 
In the morning I went down to use the bathroom facilities and noticed the rest of building was locked up. This was a few minutes after 8. No big deal. 
Went back and finished packing up my gear. Got back down to the building about 8:30.  Still all locked up. I then noticed gate is padlocked and there is a fence around entire property. 

Potential big deal. I start checking things out. Metal gate is about 7’ tall. Perimeter fence is about 5’ tall and made of rather flimsy mesh-type fencing. 
I walk around perimeter (through wet grass) looking for spots I could scale fence.  It would be very difficult as mesh is too tight to get toes through. Dude better show up soon. 
About 8:50 I’m pacing like a caged lion. I can see pilgrims passing by on the road. Decide I will give him until 9:00 and if not here I’m breaking out. 
9:00 and I have my plan. 1 foot on lock, 2nd foot on handle, swing a leg over onto other side of handle, swing other leg over, jump down, and I’m free. 

Just a reminder:  I have a 23 lb pack on my back and I’m 61 yrs old. I may act like I’m 21 but I’m not. 
It works. I stick the landing on the other side just as my new, not best friend comes tearing up the driveway in his car. He looked like a zookeeper who showed up to work to find a lion on the wrong side of enclosure. 
I was HOT. “This is no bueno. In fact it is total BS”.  I knew he didn’t speak much English but he definitely knew I was angry. I didn’t give him a chance to say anything and just kept walking. 
I laughed most of the morning just thinking of the look on his face!
Fortunately I quickly came across the “Hola” smile of the day. 

After the rough start, it became a really nice day. 

I met a group of hikers from South Africa. 11 of them walking in smaller groups but meeting up during the day and at night. They pretty much convinced me that Cape Town needs to be visited. It’s kind of on the way to Mt Kilimanjaro. 

The morning was up and more up. Finally got to a high point and could see the day’s destination ahead. Corcubión is the second city you see and that is the ocean next to it. 

I think I was about 7 miles away at that point. It was a great day to be walking the ridge line. Great views and a nice breeze keeping things cool. 

Many more pine trees here than elsewhere. 
And then we start down. 

I may not be at the end of the world but I’m getting close!

From here it appears that the road will dump me right into the ocean. 

I’m excited to be back along the coast. 

The many ups early in the day meant lots of downs later. My knees are taking a beating but I know that it can’t go down much more. 

Made it!  Corcubión is a nice port town. Got there about 2 so had a nice relaxing afternoon. 

Renting a room in upstairs of a nice ladies’ house. Had a couple beers alongside the water. Casserole of octopus, squid, and local clams for dinner. The day ended quite well. 
Happy trails and buen Camino!

5 thoughts on “Day 37 Corzon to Corcubión 15 miles (605 miles total)

  1. I bet you felt like a caged lion when you realized you were locked in, Do NOT like the sounds of your dinner casserole! Corcubion looks like a pretty city. Enjoy your time there. It is hot here and humid. Take care. Love you, MOM


  2. Not a great beginning but it ended well👍 Watching you scale the fence could have been YouTube moment 😳. I think the casserole sounds yummy AliceJean 😀.
    You’re getting closer!! Keep trekking!



  3. Thought your story was going to include your famous “headlock”. I don’t think the Spaniard could handle you. You may be getting a reputation on the Camino – word travels fast! Glad it worked out.


  4. Glad to hear the crappy start had a happy ending…
    Love Cape Town.. You could hike Table Mountain and then take the tram done😂
    Stay safe & Keep on Truckin🚶‍♂️


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