Day 38 Corcubión to Finisterre 9 miles (614 miles total)

My room last night was at Casa Bernarda. A very nice room in a lovely house. 

Meet Bernarda, the “Hola” smile of the day and owner of the house. She speaks about as much English as I do Spanish but we had many laughs over breakfast this AM. 

Pretty easy walk today. 9 miles is usually what I’ll walk before taking a break!
Thought the tile artwork on this house was really nice. 

I try to keep weather forecast on my phone for town a couple days ahead. Approaching Finisterre, Fisterra kept popping up. Finally figured out that Fisterra is the town and Cabo Finisterre is the point of land and not a town. 

Below you can see the town of Fisterra and the point on which the lighthouse sits on Finisterre. It’s 1.5 miles past Fisterra to Finisterre. Then, of course, you have to walk back…which counts for nothing!

The coast gets very rugged as you pass town. You can see the lighthouse in upper right corner of pic. 

Made it to Finisterre, the most western point of land in Spain and, for centuries, considered to be the end of the world. 

I really like American history and Finisterre (along with the Camino de Santiago) played a role in that. 
John Adams was forced to make land here on a sinking ship in 1779. He was heading to Paris and from here travelled along parts of the Camino to eventually reach Paris. If you’re interested in more details of this story, google “John Adams and Finisterre”. Look for allthingsliberty.comarticle. I find story to be fascinating. 
This is Kilometer marker 0.000, the end of the Camino Finisterre. It’s kind of a famous thing to pilgrims who continue to Finisterre. 

The lighthouse building is surrounded by these large pieces of tile artwork. Very impressive. 

I really enjoyed Cabo Finisterre. The beauty, the history, the finality. 

Unfortunately, after that excitement, I had to walk back to Fisterra. It really wasn’t that bad as pretty much downhill and not steep. 

Fisterra is a town with many narrow, winding streets. Good luck driving an American SUV through here. 

I was back in town about 1PM. A random marching band passed while I was having lunch. There was also lots of live music being played at different plazas throughout town because it was Fisterra Jazz Fest. 

Tomorrow I will turn north and head up the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death). The name comes from the fact that so many hikers die along this rugged terrain each year. Just kidding!  It’s named because so many shipwrecks happened along this coast. 
This is called the Camino of the Lighthouses and ends at Malpica (top of map)
I will be walking this Camino with no guidebook and in reverse. That will add some degree of difficulty. We’ll find out how much. I’m thinking just stay along the ocean and keep the water on my left. Should be no problem!
Happy trails and buen Camino!

5 thoughts on “Day 38 Corcubión to Finisterre 9 miles (614 miles total)

  1. Hi Jeff,
    We’re looking forward to having dinner tonight with Kris. We have loved all your commentary (you might consider being a writer for your next venture) and the pictures are awesome. Happy trails.
    love, mary and bill


  2. Congratulations traveler!! Another major accomplishment to be proud of!!! Very impressive Jeffe👍 Love the photos, commentary and insights. Keep the smiles coming 😀😀.



  3. How interesting your walk is! It must be a real challenge communicating English/Spanish and vice versa! You’re a brave soul! Lol. Reading the John Adams story next. My niece is a Spanish teacher—wish she could FaceTime and help you! She’s on Facebook (Lyndsie Muhlbeier) and she’s a character!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Way to go, Pete — another milestone on your Summer 2019 adventure! Good luck as you head back north. I assume doubling back is part of your plan and it’s not like that feeling when you walk into a room and can’t remember why you went in there in the first place — only instead of a room, it’s all of Spain. Buen Camino!

    Liked by 1 person

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