Day 40 Nemiña to Muxía 15 miles (645 miles total)

Happy birthday today to my dad. Hope you have a great day. Love you.

My tent spot worked out well. I was partially hidden by this old piece of farm equipment. Ocean to the other side…about 50’ down.


This rock is a ways out in the ocean. If you look closely you can see a guy on top. There are also a couple guys on lower rock to the right. They are trying to get some sort of shellfish. Extremely dangerous. Waves slamming into and over rock on the right. The shellfish sells for $35/lb in restaurants. Hope they’re making lots of money!

unnamed (1)

I also saw a guy harvesting mussels. He was on rocks near shore. Didn’t look fun but way less dangerous than guys above.

This trail keeps me very frustrated. It is apparently not traveled by very many people as trail is very overgrown by vegetation in many places. It’s also not very well marked in lots of areas.

That 2” diameter green dot is the trail marker! Almost like they’re trying to camouflage it. I despise that brush alongside. That’s the stuff responsible for scratching up my legs. It’s like death by a million paper cuts.

unnamed (2)

Pilgrims walk from Finisterre to Muxía (or the other way) all the time. The difference is 99.99% of them go via an inland route that is about 18 miles long and has to be much easier. This coastal way is 31 miles of torture.

It’s a good thing the scenery is phenomenal or I’d be getting off this route.

unnamed (3)

Whoever laid out this trail thinks like the people who laid out the AT. Let’s go straight up the tallest hill we can find. You can see the trail going up here.

unnamed (4)

These 2 days on the Camino dos Faros rank as 8+ on AT difficulty scale. Guess I’m just a sucker for the views once you get to the top.

unnamed (5)

After 3 hours I had seen no one. I finally heard what I thought was a chain saw. Not seeing anyone but I saw a jacket a gas can along trail.

A bit further up the hill I saw my hero and “Hola” smile of the day. He was weed whacking the growth on the trail. Badly needed and I thanked him profusely. Looks like jungle, doesn’t it!

unnamed (6)

There are virtually no hikers on this trail. I saw 4 in seven hours today. All going opposite direction of me. 2 of them had come all the way from Malpica (where I’m heading to). They’re first I’ve met doing whole thing. Other 8 I’ve seen over 2 days are “just” doing Muxia to Finisterre.

The good news is that the people who came from Malpica said that of remaining 6 days, only 2 are this hard. So I’ve got that going for me…which is nice.

unnamed (7)

It’s said that it’s not a true hike until you have your first fall. Got that out of the way today. A branch of that gnarly, prickly bush that I hate got wedged in my shoe lace (not where you tie but where they lace) and made me lose balance. The branch was so tough and wiry it took me at least 3 minutes to free myself.

unnamed (8)

That’s Muxía up ahead. At this time I was really wishing I was James Bond. Take off on a hang glider. Do a barrel roll to elude the bad guys. Land on the back of a speeding jet ski being driven by Halle Barry. Boom ba da bing… I’m in Muxía!

unnamed (9)

Unfortunately I’m playing the role of Sir Edmund Hillary and we will walk around until we find the steepest path to the highest point. Yeah, that narrow path on left 1/3 of picture looks perfect.

unnamed (10)

By jove, I think we may make it.

unnamed (11)

First though, let’s just walk through this sand.

unnamed (12)

After 7.5 hours, I made Muxía! Last half mile was on a road. Absolute heaven.

Muxía is a cool little town on a narrow piece of land. Very unique setting.

I am going to get a good rest and see what tomorrow brings.

Happy trails and buen Camino


2 thoughts on “Day 40 Nemiña to Muxía 15 miles (645 miles total)

  1. I’m wondering if you’re second guessing this reverse Route!? Good to hear the next days should be less treacherous 😳.

    I met a traveler today who has ridden his bike across the US. Next week he’ll join a group biking from Paris to Istanbul. I got to brag about YOU🚶‍♂️👍👍

    Hang in there!!



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