Day 41 Muxía to Ceriexo 11 miles (656 miles total)

This “Hola” smile of the day goes out to all of you who have ever driven a tractor. You know the reward of hard work and the frustration of bad fortune.


I began this pilgrimage 41 days ago with 2 goals: (1) To raise $33,000 for the charities I’m hiking for. That would make $100,000 total over my 2 treks. We’re still progressing towards this one; and (2) To hike 810 miles so that I will have logged 3,000 miles over these 2 treks. The routes I laid out before I left totaled 890 miles so I have some “bonus” miles built in.

Last night I reached out to the person who created the apps that I have used for the parts of the Camino I have finished. I was looking for any recommendation as to how I can follow this trail. His response was “The Camino dos Faros is a work in progress. Be careful.”

I decided last night that if today was another day of inability to follow the trail that I would leave the Camino dos Faros and head to the Portuguese Coastal Camino. I can make my goal without the remainder of dos Faros.

unnamed (1)

Over the past 27 months I have walked more than 2,850 miles in 205 days. Day 205 is the most frustrating…by far.

Today the terrain was very flat. Easy to hike…if you were on a trail. Frustrating as hell if you are bushwhacking through vegetation while getting sliced to pieces.

Try walking across these slimy rocks while knowing you eventually need to go up…

unnamed (2)

The app says I need to take a right hand turn. No kidding! From there I just have to bushwhack. Tripping over vines, getting ripped to shreds by thorns.

I could have harvested lots of mussels, though!

unnamed (3)

This went on for nearly 4 hours. Constantly searching for the trail. Scrapes and cuts galore.

I decided fairly early in the day that Camino dos Faros wins. I find it hard to believe anyone can navigate this. The climbs, lack of services, and no people I can handle. The rest is just not worth it.

I don’t think things would have been much better if I had been going with the flow vs against. This is just a very rarely traveled path. I saw 0 hikers today.

unnamed (4)

Tomorrow I plan to take a bus to Santiago and get on the Portuguese Coastal Camino to Porto. Assuming I finish that, I will have done 821 miles this trek and 3011 miles total.

I am feeling defeated and just really shitty tonight but tomorrow is a new day.

Happy trails and buen Camino!

11 thoughts on “Day 41 Muxía to Ceriexo 11 miles (656 miles total)

  1. So sorry this part of your hike is so terrible. I am happy you made the right decision to change course. You are not defeated, you are smart. Wish we could have talked yesterday,but time difference interfered. Hope the next part of your hike is more enjoyable. We hope the weather is good today and tomorrow for you and for us!! HAPPY 4th. Take care. Love You, MOM Dad enjoyed your birthday greeting. Both Brooke and Kerri called.


  2. I know it’s difficult but you can do it! This blog did make me laugh! Be careful and safe hiking! Bags

    Joe Caloggero
    The Traffic Group, Inc.
    Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

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  3. Jeff, many would not have made it back. Your determination is amazing and I’m glad you are improvising to still hit your goal safely. I’m enjoying following your journey. Look forward to seeing back home and buying you a Budweiser😀💪👍


  4. Ditto on the hang in there cheers! There is no disgrace in revamping your chosen route! You are a real trooper Jeffe 👍👍👍. Remember that you’re supposed to be enjoying this experience too and not fretting about the risks of the trails!!



  5. You know how many people are rooting for you right! We’re all here, every day, looking forward to your posts, hoping you’re safe, loving the holas, and just hoping you make your goals. Highlight of my day!

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  6. Hey. Hope you’re not feeling defeated and ‘shitty’ anymore. I am one of your South Dakota follow-ers and have loved your trekking updates. Many have made me laugh, and for that, I thank you. I work with/train service dogs for military vets, so that is my cheap-ass reason for not pledging some $s your way, since well, I kinda already am doing one of your charities, just in my own way. Happy Trails back atcha, Just Pete!

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  7. Defeated and shitty…….seriously? After 821 miles and over 3000 total. What am I missing? Congratulations on a spectacular trek for worthy causes. Thanks for your commitment and dedication.


  8. A road or trail less traveled is not a loss. It’s an unplanned experience all for your personal growth and enjoyment. As a friend of mine once said “ if you think you can or think you can’t, You are right! “. Dave Erdahl, class of 74-BHS.
    Carry on in a direction for new experiences…I think you Can.

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