Day 43 Pardon to Tivo 14 miles (684 miles total)

I slept in this morning because I didn’t want to tempt myself into doing the 25 miles to Pontevedra today. I am acting so mature recently.

These goats seemed to be enjoying their playground.


Today was primarily walking through small towns and a few forest areas.

unnamed (1)

This going against the flow and meeting pilgrims is getting a tad old. I say “Hola. Buen Camino” to virtually every one of them. Sometimes there are lots of ‘em.

unnamed (2)

I’m very friendly until they’re walking 4 abreast on a 4 wide path. I’ll move to the side of the path the first couple times. By the end of the day I just holler ahead “I’m not moving so one of you better”. Not very spiritual but it works.

Europeans are really lacking in the manners department. If you’re in a line, you best be aggressive or they’ll run right over you.

The walk today was a bit boring. We didn’t get up on the ridge lines to get a broad view.

unnamed (3)

I have been waiting for this moment. Me vs Little Messi. He’s the “Hola” smile of the day although he’s really laughing at my (lack of) skills. Cute kid, huh?!!

unnamed (4)

OK you farmers…why do they plant 3 stalks of corn right next to each other. These are in private gardens but they do it all over the place here.

unnamed (5)

Something to do with cultivation?

I was going to help her but cultivating really isn’t my thing.

unnamed (6)

I got to Caldes de Reis, my destination for today, about 1:30. I discovered fairly quickly that there’s not a room to be had in town.

unnamed (7)

Choice between hiking about 12 more miles to Pontevedra or camp somewhere along the way.

I had been noticing that between rows of grapevines it is usually pretty level, shaded, and about the right size for my tent. Perfect spot.

unnamed (8)

Perfect until some guy decides he’s going to whack the weeds between rows at 7PM. Was sure I’d get busted but he quit before my row. I had basically packed and was practicing I’m sorry in Spanish.

All worked out.

Happy trails and buen Camino!

3 thoughts on “Day 43 Pardon to Tivo 14 miles (684 miles total)

  1. We used to plant three corn seeds to a mound in gardens in Iowa. When you asked after the health of some older farmers they might reply “Two to a hill”. That is a little more polite than the dairy farmer’s reply: ” sucking hind teat”. Rev. Charlie Bunk (Waubay and Langford) and board member of SunDialmanor.

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  2. Pete, I googled about the corn stalks and all of the sites I saw recommended corn stalks not be planted too close as they will not get enough sun!? Each stalk should produce 2 ears of corn and if too close together they can miss being pollinated. When you’re done with the hike, I suggest you go back and see how the crop turned out! LOL


  3. Ah your experiencing the aggressive Europeans. When I was touring and at the airports when they would start to board everyone would just lose their minds and all rush the gate. We called that the Eurosqueeze. My elbows would get a real good workout during such times. I like your move cuz I’m not attitude.
    Stay safe & Keep on Truckin🚶‍♂️💪🏻


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