Day 44 Tivo to Pontevedra 11 miles (695 miles total)

Once the weed whacker left, I had a nice quiet evening in my vineyard. Enjoyed drinking a nice bottle of local wine. No glass so just guzzled straight from bottle. Not my first rodeo!
Very easy stroll today. Mostly through the valleys. 

It usually takes a pretty special view or some other reason to get me to walk 1/2 mile off the trail to see. Today I did just that to see this waterfall. Nice but not jaw dropping. They do have a really nice bar at the base of it but I was a tad bit early for that!

The “Hola” smile of the day.  She seemed really nice to me but I don’t think you’d want to get on her bad side!

I am very surprised by the number of grapevines through this area of Galicia. There are no really big vineyards but every local garden has some grapes…and corn. 

I am trying to connect with my artistic side with some of these flower shots. 

Arrived in Pontevedra shortly after 1. I did a bit of exploring in the “old town” in the afternoon. Had fun telling people that “Mi casa es Playa de Ponte Vedra, Florida”. If I couldn’t get that across, I showed my drivers license. That worked. 
Lots of river bridges in Pontevedra. Will take tomorrow off and do some more exploring. 

Happy trails and buen Camino!

One thought on “Day 44 Tivo to Pontevedra 11 miles (695 miles total)

  1. It’s a large city! I’m certain they were impressed with your drivers license. Enjoy your zero day (I assume) and get to know your sister city.

    👍👏 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️👌



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