Day 45 Pontevedra 0 miles (695 miles total)

Getting close to reaching a big goal/milestone. We’re at $40.50/ mile in pledges to the charities I’m hiking for. That means that over my 2 hikes, we will have raised $99,600 for these worthy charities. Don’t you think $100,000 sounds much better?  Thanks once again to all who have pledged. You’re my heroes. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a pretty simple guy. I don’t need a lot of fancy “stuff”.    Along this trek I’ve just looked for very basic hotel rooms to stay in. In Pontevedra, I’ve been staying at the perfect place.

Yep. Hotel Room is the name of the place. It’s actually one of the nicest places I’ve stayed in and definitely the easiest name to remember. 
Spent most of the day wandering the Old City of Pontevedra. 
Still amazed and, honesty, a bit repulsed by the ornateness of some of these old churches. 

Saturday is market day in Pontevedra. Meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and fresh cut flowers in stalls along the outside of market. 
The center stalls are all seafood. 

There are many individual stalls and a wide variety of fresh seafood. 
She is pretty focused on the task at hand. 

100% of the seafood stalls are “manned” by women. Each individual stall is about 5-6” wide. Guessing they are family businesses. He catches. She sells. 

This is the “Hola” smile of the day even though she is actually laughing…at me!!

I was trying to get the name of the barnacle-like clawed creatures she was selling. She said the name and I tried repeating. She finally thought it may help if she wrote it down!! 
I am pretty sure Percebe are what I saw guys trying to harvest a few days ago on a rock with waves crashing beside and over them.  They sell at the market for $40 – $55/kg (2.2 lbs). 

They are extremely dangerous to harvest and I noticed that the stalls that had them were run by younger ladies. Obviously the harvest is a young man’s game. 
Pontevedra is definitely a sea town. 

Remainder of pics are just random buildings and streets through the Old City. 

I have 125 miles to Porto. Planning to arrive there in 2 weeks and spend 4 nights there before I fly out. 
These 125 miles may be more of a pub crawl than a hike. Don’t worry, I’m qualified for that. 
Thanks for your support and generosity. 
Happy trails and buen Camino!

4 thoughts on “Day 45 Pontevedra 0 miles (695 miles total)

  1. Love your blog. Look forward to it every day and read it in its entirety. I am sure the $400 delta to get to $100,000 will be met. If it isn’t, I’ll cover it- so you made it to your goal!! Enjoy the balance of the journey! George

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  2. We have finally been able to read your entire blog!! Soooooo proud of you, Jeff – you are our hero!! When we see your pictures of “one smile at a time”, we think that you are probably the one brightening so many people’s lives along the way. What a gift you are giving!! Safe travels and look forward to seeing you in Bristol!!

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  3. I hope you enjoyed some of that wonderful fish!! It’ll be to share your visit with neighbors and grit back in YOUR Pontevedra!!!
    Gosh, I hate to admit it but I just the entering the tiny churches and appreciating the artwork and decor. I feel guilty passing one by without checking things out!
    A Portuguese pub crawl doesn’t sound all bad.



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