Day 46 Pontevedra to Redondela 12 miles (707 miles total)

Today was quite hazy and humid. Still not that hit though. Mid-70’s. Fine by me.

Very nice mural on wall of bar just outside Pontevedra.


Another day of walking primarily through the valley. Couple small ups and downs.

unnamed (1)

This lady is the “Hola” smile of the day. Out getting some exercise with a morning walk down a country lane.

unnamed (2)

Tried to do a selfie at one of those stick your face in the scene set-ups. Don’t really know what they’re called and didn’t work anyway!

unnamed (3)

Things are getting a bit more coastal.

unnamed (4)

Tomorrow the Central and Coastal Portuguese routes split. Glad for that. Will be about 1/3 the pilgrims that there are now when I get on Coastal route.

unnamed (5)

While meeting people along the Camino (remember I’m going against flow) some think I’m lost and try to point me to Santiago. Others think they’re lost. Some ask me where I’m going. If I tell people where I’ve been their eyes get very wide!

unnamed (6)

I think the ocean is just over that hill.

unnamed (7)

Wanted to get to Redondela in time to find a place to watch Women’s World Cup final. Not as big deal as I thought it may be here. Watched it at a bar with 2 ladies from the Netherlands. They call their country Holland so I don’t see why everyone else wants to call it Netherlands??

Congratulations to the USWNT!

Got to catch a bit of a community concert. Accordion, bagpipes, drums, and lots of singers. Pretty entertaining.

unnamed (8)

Tomorrow I will stop in Vigo, the biggest city in Galicia.

Happy trails and buen Camino!

3 thoughts on “Day 46 Pontevedra to Redondela 12 miles (707 miles total)

  1. Pete,
    When we both get back to PVB I will explain to you the very subtle differences between the Netherlands and Holland (North and Soutiand in between) . It may take -for you- a beer or two ( or three), and I will pay for the first one, but it’s too much to explain in an email. Were the ladies both blondes and tall? Are you sure they were Dutch and not Belgian Flemish? Because that would explain a lot.
    Just asking!!!!! Just thinking!!!!


  2. Pete,
    Finally catching up with your travels! Great new public goals … and love the Hola of the day. They’ll look great in your book. And … you’ll make $100,000.


  3. Jeff, I am standing on AT on the top of mt. Washington and have a great admiration for your waking the AT. You are the man!!!! Don

    Liked by 1 person

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