Day 53 Carreço 0 miles (767 miles total)

Spent a good portion of the day exploring Caminha. Got a ride into town (10 miles) from a local guy.

Caminha is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean to the west, a river on the north, and another river to east.

This is the “Hola” smile of the day. He had lots of fun chasing the pigeons around the plaza.


Well, he had lots of fun until he face planted a few minutes after this.

There are some distinct word differences between Spanish and Portuguese. Apparently only the Spanish words I actually know are different. For example, gracias (thank you) is obrigado in Portuguese.

The good news is that more people speak English in Portugal. Students are required to learn a second language (English or French).

Had lunch in the big central plaza area of town.

unnamed (1)

Took the train back out to the burbs late in the afternoon.

unnamed (2)

Got my plan made up for last 10 days I’m here. Over the next 3 days I will hike to Labruge. That is 43 miles away and will put me at my goal of 810 miles.

I plan to spend 3 nights in Labruge, walk to Porto, spend 4 nights, and then fly home on July 24. Anxious to be heading home.

Happy trails and buen Camino!

4 thoughts on “Day 53 Carreço 0 miles (767 miles total)

  1. I have enjoyed your trip very much! I look forward everyday to reading and seeing your exploits. Have you ever thought about retracing your route back to the starting point so that we can all continue to enjoy the smiles? (KIDDING!)! Look forward to seeing you back in country!

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  2. I love your smile of the day, nothing cuter than kids. Sounds like you have your plans made well for your ending hike. Good for you. Hope it goes according to plan. I will miss your daily blogs, but I will be happy when you are home again. It is nice that Portugal people speak English, easier to communicate. Happy Trails. Love You, MOM


  3. I Googled Labruge. Sounds like there are lots of Iron Age relics to discover. Enjoy👍 I think you’ll like Porto too.

    I think everyone is in total agreement about how proud and impressed we are in your accomplishments and dedication 👏👏.

    Where next Jeffe??



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