Day 54 Carreço to Marinhas 18 miles (785 miles total)

Your generosity has officially exceeded my expectations. Your pledges to date total $41.61/mile. That means we will have raised more than $33,000 this hike for the charities I’m hiking for. Thank you so much. I am humbled by your support.

This is Aucke Ilff, my host for the past 2 evenings. He is a retired fishing boat captain from Amsterdam and a really nice guy. He has a nice house, too!


Going to day care during the summer must be pretty fun. You get to see your friends and it’s recess all day long!

unnamed (1)

It was a bit foggy along the beach this AM.

unnamed (2)

I came across this potential “Funniest Home Video”. Big RV is stuck in sand. Owner recruits guy to drive 4 wheeler to pull him out. I watched recruitee get instructions on how to operate 4 wheeler. He had no clue!

I was expecting something bad to happen. The RV was still stuck when I left but nothing eventful happened. I guess that’s kind of good.

unnamed (3)

Saw several of these along coast today. At first thought it was a small lighthouse. No light however! Stone grain bin? They have small doors at ground level but I didn’t notice anything higher up.

unnamed (4)

Mussel hunting.

unnamed (5)

This bar is right across from the marina in Viana do Castelo. I am guessing this is the spot where the local fishermen meet to discuss the day’s catch.

unnamed (6)

I’d much rather take a ferry than walk across this busy bridge on that narrow path. Driving and pedestrian traffic each direction. Got a bit crowded meeting someone walking other direction.

unnamed (7)

I thought about using Aucke or the smiley faced rock as “Hola” smile of the day. I’ve got to use this one however. It’s from a week or 2 back but I really got a laugh out of this lady!!

unnamed (8)

Portuguese longhorn.

unnamed (9)

This tile art of a “Santiago Peregrino” (Pilgrim) was on the gate of a house.

unnamed (10)

Pretty dramatic rock mountains right close to coast.

unnamed (11)

25 more miles to go.

Happy trails and buen Camino!

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