Day 55 Marinhas to Póvoa de Varzim 16 miles (801 miles total)

The mornings have begun with a pretty dense fog in the early AM. Burns off by 11:00. Reminds me of June gloom in San Diego.


I’m taking every beach route possible so pretty much walking through lots of beach towns. They’re getting closer together as I get closer to Porto.

Lots of fishermen, boats, and seafood.

unnamed (1)

Some of the towns along here have the look and feel of an “Old Florida” beach town. Modest sized, nice homes on decent sized lots next to the ocean. Nice! Esposende (Kris notes) seemed particularly nice.

Some of the beaches are getting a bit more crowded. Lots of tour buses bringing people to this wide open stretch of beach for the day.

unnamed (2)

The “Hola” smile of the day is me incognito. Well, it could be if I don’t stop walking pretty soon.

unnamed (3)

They are big fans of the cabanas on the beach. Cabanas are pretty thick in spots. They also use smaller, very portable ones with no roof for wind protection.

unnamed (4)

I’ve eaten quite a few salads but not seen much lettuce growing. Been wondering where that occurred. Found out today.

unnamed (5)

The towns are so frequent now that I’m not carrying any water at all anymore. 3 miles is a long stretch between towns.

unnamed (6)

Póvoa de Varzim is a fairly large city with a wide beachfront. There are lots of small bars in the sand. By lots, I mean somewhere near 100 in a 3 mile stretch. Small, casual. Most tents. Some more permanent structures. My big question…where are all the bathrooms? There is no plumbing in most, if not all, of them. Things that make you go, hmm?

unnamed (7)

9 mile walk tomorrow and then I’m done. Ready to be finished and get home. Missing my wife and my retired bum life!

unnamed (8)

Happy trails and buen Camino!

8 thoughts on “Day 55 Marinhas to Póvoa de Varzim 16 miles (801 miles total)

  1. Looking forward to having my husband home one week from today! I will “un-girl” your man cave and have Bud in the frig! Have fun relaxing in Portugal these last few days….you deserve it! I am proud of you!
    Your wife

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  2. Congrats on your accomplishments! Quite the journey! Hope you have a safe trip home. We have a Budweiser waiting for you. Safe travels home.


  3. Congratulations on getting to your 800-mile goal, Pete! Enjoy your last few days on the road and have a safe trip home. Another good walk in your rear-view mirror — hope you and Kris can visit again if you find yourselves out West!

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  4. Give yourself a pat on the back, Jeff. You made your goal in pledges and your goal in miles, you are an awesome guy. We are sooo proud of you. Enjoy your last days and safe travels home. We will miss your daily blogs, that was our morning treat. Love You, MOM


  5.   Hey Pete congratulations on this summer’s hike. I enjoyed your daily coverage.    I don’t have “Facebook” so i don’t know how to make a contribution $$ ? Later , Tom Dylla


  6. Wow, you have had a remarkable retirement! Two great hikes that many would only dream of trying. Though I think this one is definitely the most scenic one! Enjoyed every entry. Rick

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