Day 0, Woodinville, WA

Tomorrow I start pedaling. From now on, the blogs will come a day after my reality. Sunday is Day 1, you’ll get that on Monday. In other words, my today will be your yesterday! Got it?!!

I haven’t even started riding yet and I’m getting some serious “trail magic”.

A couple of friends in Ponte Vedra gave me some much needed assistance moving my bike around. Kris is out on her own road trip and the bike wouldn’t fit in my car so Jay Reidenbach took bike and I to bike shop to get boxed for shipping…and he had to take me to pick up the next day. I then needed transportation to the airport at 4:45 Friday AM as I checked my bike as luggage. Dill Harper happily volunteered to take me. Thanks so much, Jay and Dill!!

I am in Woodinville, WA at the home of Cindy and Dennis Peterson, my cousin. Cindy picked me up at the airport and got me to the bike shop so my bike could be reassembled. She is also taking “us” to Anacortes tomorrow AM. Thanks, Cindy!!

I say us because Dennis is going to ride about 450 miles with me to Sandpoint, ID. Really excited about this because Dennis has WAY more experience at this kind of stuff than me. If I have problems at the beginning, I’ll have some help.

About a month ago someone asked me if I was going to name my bike. What? I thought they were totally nuts!!

As I started riding more (not lots). I remembered that I talked to my stick a bunch while hiking. (Big hill coming up, Stick. Get ready to go. Etc.). Never gave it a name other than stick.

Bike is going to be an even closer relationship. Call me crazy but I’ve decided to name her. Meet Gerty!!

My Grandma Gert was one of the most amazing people you could ever have met. Funny, tough, and full of energy. Just like a bike needs to be.

We had a lot of sadness in the Peterson family in the last 18 months. We lost my cousins, Marie and Sherry, and my Aunt Pat so it all seems appropriate.

I am bawling my eyes out now so gotta quit.

Ride on.

Just Pete

13 thoughts on “Day 0, Woodinville, WA

  1. It’s all about love for the family and giving to your favorite charities! Can’t think of a better reason!

    Good luck and God speed🙏🏻👍

    Dave A


  2. Jeff – seems very appropriate that your bike is named Gerty – your grandma was one of a kind – an amazing lady. What a great way to honor her!! We are “rooting” for you as you begin this wonderful adventure! If you still plan to go through Leavenworth/Wenatchee area, let us know. We would love to meet up with you along the route! Bon Voyage.


  3. Hi Jeff, Bill and I wish you and Gerty Godspeed. So glad to know Dennis will be there to initiate you into the biker world. We’ll be thinking of you all the way!! Much love, mary and bill


  4. What a perfect name ❤️ They will all be with you during this trip! Can’t believe you leave in the morning. Get some good sleep tonight!


  5. Gerty is an excellent name for “The Bike”. I remember Gert very well and she certainly was a special woman. Will be thinking of you every day. Let the journey begin.


  6. What a great name for your bike, she would be extremely proud as we are. Wishing you a fun and safe trip. So glad Dennis will start out with you. Love you much.
    Mom and Dad


  7. Pete, my friend, you are an unstoppable force. Can’t wait to be tagging along w all the folks on this epic journey
    Delaware Dave


  8. Pete,

    We will be watching your progress and hoping you can swing by WI for a stay at the lake. Be safe!!

    Jim and Jodi


  9. Gert would love that you named your bike Gerty! One fiesty lady she was. I have a feeling she will be watching over you along the way. All the best on your ride. See you in SD.


  10. Loved that you named your bike after someone inspirational. So glad you will have company for the first 400 miles with a seasoned rider. We will keep tabs on your whereabouts and enjoy the ride…..
    Pray for good weather …. Ride on
    Pam & Walt


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