Day 1 Anacortes to Concrete, WA 46.8 Miles

OK, that was a bit more difficult than I expected! Rain, wind, and hills all working against us.

It was raining when we left Anacortes. Rained for the first hour and last hour of the day. It was a gentle rain but you still get gently wet…especially your shoes and socks. Note to self…buy some dark colored socks.

The first 10 miles I felt really good and we were able to keep up a good pace. It was pretty hilly at the start but I was fresh and probably had some extra adrenaline.

Shortly after that the rain stopped, the wind started. It was “only” 10 mph but right in our face. That was way worse than the rain.

We also started having some longish climbs. Nothing that big but way bigger than anything I’d ridden previously. Plus this was my first time riding with 20-25 lbs on the back wheel. Gerty, we’re not in Florida anymore!

Gerty fully loaded.

That was probably 25 miles in…and my legs were tired. I was starting to struggle a bit. About mile 30, Dennis had a flat. Bummer but I got to watch a tire being changed and got a bit of rest.

The next 5 miles were excruciating. I was struggling and knew I needed to sit down for a bit and I’m not talking sitting on the saddle of my bike!

There was a town 1.8 miles ahead. We planned to stop, get something to eat, and give my legs a break. Nothing. Crap!! Next town 3.6 miles ahead.

We scored. Nice little small town bar. The bartender asked where we had come from. She was shocked when she heard Anacortes. She almost fainted when she heard where I was going!

Had a nice break of about an hour. I was so exhausted that I ate one bite of my cheeseburger and about a dozen tater tots.

We have a couple big mountain passes (Rainy and Washington) coming up. We had hoped to make it over in 2 days but I realized at our lunch stop that I couldn’t make it far enough today to do that tomorrow. No towns up there plus too cold and maybe snowy to camp.

We made the decision to go 12 more miles to Concrete and stay at a motel. Tomorrow we will get as close to the passes as we can.

Overall a bit disappointed in my performance. Gerty and Dennis did great and I was the weak link.

Tomorrow’s another day for me to get ready to climb those passes.

Thanks for all of your support. I’ll be needing it.

Ride on.

Just Pete

17 thoughts on “Day 1 Anacortes to Concrete, WA 46.8 Miles

  1. You’re just getting ‘broken in’. once you get the first stage behind you, I’m sure it will be smooth sailing from then on in. You can do it!! xo mary and bill


  2. Just shy of 50 miles on your first day out in those conditions is pretty kick ass in my book!! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Careful on the hills and just remember the upside is a bitch but the downside is a breeze🚴🏻🍺🤘🏻


  3. Concrete!!! Did you stop and see Dwight? (Robert Diniro “This Boy’s Life”). If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it before your memories of Concrete fade away.


  4. Concrete!!! Did you stop and see Dwight? (Robert Diniro “This Boy’s Life”). If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it before your memories of Concrete fade away.


  5. actually been to Concrete on the way to a great steel head fishing spot where the Sauk and the Skagit rivers mix. Hope you brought some waders and an 8 wt fly rod with some wooly bugger flys. beautful but rugged country!!


  6. Pete,

    After two or three days you will notice a big difference in you legs and stamina. Just in time for the climbs. almost 50 miles is a good start for the first day.


  7. Your first day sounded exhausting. I hope today is better weather and you are ready to go after a night of rest. Love you.


  8. Yikes, I’m glad you have Dennis with you. It’s a very windy day on Lake Michigan but my feet are on the ground! Best, Jeni


  9. You got this! Remember, at the end of the day it’s just a bike ride, nothing more, nothing less. One day at a time, in five or ten Mile increments.


  10. It sounds much worse than I ever expected. Very smart to stop when you did. Why don’t you set your goals a little lower and then when you exceed them you won’t be disappointed. I would set a goal of 50 miles /day and some days you might exceed that. Quite frankly, 50 miles on a bike is a lot of miles. With wind and rain or either, it is grueling, torture. Then add the hills and you are cooked. Your legs will get stronger, no doubt and your reserves will get better, but resting when you are tired and taking full days off frequently are going to be essential for this trip. It will also be much more enjoyable. You might enjoy the scenery. We are all routing for you and Gert. I hope she had lots of gears. I am definitely going to pledge but for now I am just enjoying your writing. I can feel the pain.


  11. I think you deserve a pat on the back and high fives for sure Jeff👏👏. I’m glad Dennis is sling “for the ride” these first few days!


  12. Be patient with yourself. As you get further along you will begin to get use to the conditions and gain strength. It is a new type of experience for you but one you will get comfortable with as you rack up the days. don


  13. Good first day even if it hurt a bit! Looking forward to the blog and pics! I think you need a new seat with springs? I know I would! Cheering from Lenexa Kansas!!!


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