Day 2 Concrete to Colonia Creek Campground 43.9 miles (90.6 miles total)

I felt pretty good this morning. My left knee is a little sore but other than that…all good.

We are definitely in the mountains now. Seeing lots of snow covered peaks.

We followed the Skagit River for quite a ways today. River is flowing fast and seeing lots of waterfalls. River is flowing downhill and we were riding uphill.

It was a lot of uphill for the first 33 miles. Not super steep but long with some downhills thrown in. I felt much better today over 33 miles than I did yesterday.

The last 12 miles was pretty much one long, steep, continuous uphill. Pretty brutal and I struggled but some nice scenery.

Even got pretty close to a nice doe!

We are camping just before the climbs up Rainy and Washington passes. We will be climbing about 3,000 feet in 30 miles. I am hoping that early in the day I can handle it but this is going to be difficult.

There are no services for 48 miles. I really have no choice but to make it.

Ride on.

Just Pete

7 thoughts on “Day 2 Concrete to Colonia Creek Campground 43.9 miles (90.6 miles total)

  1. The over/under continues to deteriorate! Currently 251/131! Some early betters are desperately trying to hedge their initial bets. Ride on, ride hard!

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  2. I’m impressed. great for only the second day. the scenery is exquisite. You wouldn’t want to go too fast. You would miss it. Wind and rain are your enemies. Hills are your friends. Hills make you stronger. I love hills. you always feel so great when you get not the top.


  3. Go get ‘em Pete! Here’s hoping for a successful pedal up those big hills. Appreciate these updates and look forward to seeing you in Bristol in July.


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