Day 3 Colonial Creek Campground to Mazama, WA 49.2 miles (139.8 total miles)

We had a great camp spot last night along the shore of Lake Diablo.

Got going at 5:30 this AM. Had to make 49 miles and the first 31 were straight uphill so we had to allow plenty of time.

This probably doesn’t look steep to you but it definitely was…especially when you consider it went on for 31 miles! Good shoulder and very little traffic so that helped.

The first 26 miles was a climb of about 2,500’ to Rainy Pass at 4,500’. It wasn’t raining but that is a snowbank I’m standing on!

After that I was pretty spent and we had to climb another 1,000’ in 5 miles to Washington Pass at 5,500’. This will be my highest crossing for a while, so got that out of the way.

Dennis could really just ride circles around me going up the hill. He has me set the pace and will stop with me on those climbs. There are a lot of stops.

The final 18 miles was downhill. I’m pretty good at that. We got up to 32 miles/hour. Feels pretty fast on a bike. Probably fast enough.

We reached Mazama at 2PM. Lots of saddle time. Makes me pretty confident that, if I ever get out of the mountains, I can do some pretty big miles.

That won’t happen tomorrow. Another pretty good climb up Loup Loup Pass. Won’t be nearly as long as today’s climbs so we’re hoping to make 50-55 miles.

Feeling good physically. Recovering quicker every day.

Thanks to all for your support.

Ride on.

Just Pete

11 thoughts on “Day 3 Colonial Creek Campground to Mazama, WA 49.2 miles (139.8 total miles)

  1. Amazing. You have a very quick recovery rate. By the time you finish in the mountains you will be in great shape. if you have a way to clip your iPhone onto your handlebars, I find that riding to music definitely helps with the cadence and the hills. good Luck. Keep going. the best is yet to come!


  2. You two are doing well. It must be pretty special to have someone to ride with. You will miss him when you get to Sandpoint! Stay safe and enjoy your ride. Love you.


  3. Great to see you are getting your bike legs😊. As you get more days behind you you will find you have gained the strength you need which will make the ride more enjoyable. Be safe. Don


  4. Atta boyeeee!!!
    Great pics and great to hear that you are recovering faster. Enjoy the scenery and the journey. Thanks for keeping us posted.
    Just to let you know, it was 119 degrees in Palm Springs yesterday so you are missing that!
    Crush it bro!


  5. Great job Jeff! Those hills must be killers. You’re gearing me up for watching the Tour de France that starts at the end of June 🚴🚴



  6. Fortunately when I’ve done that pass I had 82 horsepower under my seat.

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  7. Great job so far Pete! Just remember protein bars won’t cut it in the long run for biking. The scenery you have seen on your journeys a lot of us never will see. So nice!


  8. Great job Pete! Very impressive! Great time with Kris. Looking forward to September! (Pretty sure you are too)! Love pictures and the blog. Stay safe.


  9. Happy you made that long climb!! That surely strengthens the body! Ah, the downhills, gotta love them. We rode from Moorcroft WY to Devils Tower. Long uphills, but after that we were downhill to the park. I didn’t want to brake after the tough uphill so I didn’t! When I looked down at my odometer it read 43 mph! All I could think of was if I crash it’s REALLY gonna hurt! 😆. Made it okay! Have a great ride tomorrow!! Love the views!


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