Day 4 Mazama to Omak, WA 60.0 miles (199.8 total miles)

Sometimes all you really want is a good breakfast. Some eggs, bacon, and a chair with a back. Not asking for much, is it? Yeah, we’re 0 for 3 on the road. We were able to get a breakfast burrito this AM. Tasty but not quite what we were looking for.

We did see this deer ford the stream while eating. So, that was kinda’ cool.

We ripped through 21 miles pretty quickly. Rolling hills so we could move at a good pace.

From there it was time to pedal up Loup Loup Pass. After the last 2 days, the next pass I want to hear about is a TD pass from Trevor Lawrence to DJ Chark. Touchdown Jags!!

My legs feel like they’re getting stronger until I struggle getting up a pass. A tad bit frustrating for me. Then I realize 24 hrs ago we were on the other side of those snow-capped peaks. Progress!

It was, once again, continuous uphill. You get so used to looking at the hill that sometimes it looks like it might be slightly downhill. Then you try to coast. That lasts for a couple seconds and you realize it’s still uphill!

After many rest stops (for me), we finally made it to the top.

From there, it was pretty much downhill. Scariest moment of trip heading down. No shoulder and a guardrail so you’re riding on the road. Winding road and a truck gets right behind me. Nowhere for me to get out of the way and they couldn’t pass. Didn’t really know what to do, so I floored it. Didn’t have my app going so not sure how fast I was going but it had to be about 40 mph. Obviously I survived!

We are now out of the rainforest and into a much more arid area.

We got some great trail magic at the end of the day. My high school classmate, Loren Grode, set us up with rooms at a casino in Omak. Nice digs. We had dinner with Loren and his wife, Karla. Fun and relaxing.

Thinking tomorrow might be a little less grueling so we’re hoping to do a bigger mileage day tomorrow.

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 4 Mazama to Omak, WA 60.0 miles (199.8 total miles)

  1. Congratulations!!! You are getting through the most difficult part of your ride and still look great!! One day at a time and soon you will be in ND. don


  2. Nice your friends could hook you up with a room.. Bet dinner was lovely and a chair with a back to boot!! WooHoo..
    Probably got the day started with a nice full breakfast too.. Good luck today(& everyday), just be careful on those 32mph downhills..A blowout would suck for you & Gert..Peddle on my friend(& Dennis)


  3. What a great ride you are having! How nice to see friends on the way—and good food to boot! Loving the pictures! That’s a lot of back-to-back tough riding! WAY TO GO!


  4. I’m BETTING you will have a nice breakfast at the Casino tomorrow morning! A little disappointed not seeing a Bud in your hand at the casino.


  5. A little different than running a slant route across the middle!
    You inspire us!
    Stay safe and ride well!
    God bless you!


  6. I will be glad when you are done climbing. Tough on the legs. How nice of Loren to get you a room and dinner. I hope today is going well. Wishing you good days and also for Dennis and Gertie. I got pretty emotional on the post where you named your bike. it is so fitting. Much love, Mom


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