Day 22 Wibaux, MT to Taylor, ND 92 miles (1417 total miles)

Got my phone fixed early this AM. All those that speculated charger cord was the issue, you were correct!! Thank goodness. I don’t use my phone much except for communication, navigation, photos, blog post, and telling time. Pretty much everything except pedaling Gerty.

Peace out, MT. You were real. Just not real fun. 12 days and 800 miles. 5 off those days in the 100’s. Never been so happy to enter ND. Love the Be Legendary!

Stopped right across the border in Beach, ND (10 miles from Wibaux). Had a Subway sandwich for breakfast. Very happy they were open that early. It was in a truck stop or they probably would have been closed for 4th.

As we approached Medora, the land started getting bad.

Bet you thought ND was flat, didn’t you? Not so fast!

Medora is at the entrance to Teddy Roosevelt National Park. Teddy is one of my favorite Presidents so, today, I was a Rough Rider and Gerty was my trusty steed.

I stopped at a rest area at the east end of the park. They had a vending machine with Coke. I wanted one but only had $20’s. Luckily there was an info center/souvenir shop. Went in to get change. Young girl told me she didn’t have enough small bills to change 20. I was a bit frustrated as I saw her cash register. Was going to start asking people for change until I saw these little $1 medallions. I bought one, she had to give me change and then I told her to keep the medallion. She was so confused, I almost felt sorry for her!

There were some great views of Painted Canyon and The (real) Badlands. So glad I stopped. Smelling the roses, Kris!!!

I got to Dickenson about 4. Figured I could make Taylor (pop 100) and pitch my tent somewhere in town.

I am in a 30 mile swath of land that has, according to a few farmers, gotten moisture this year. Things are greener than anything since Glacier.

When I “got to” Taylor I found out it was 2 miles off Interstate. Understand that if my mind has been thinking of stopping at a certain point for the past hour, 2 miles may as well be 200.

I saw a nice treed area that I assumed was in a farmer’s yard. Pedaled up driveway and rang doorbell bell. Mr Bloom answered. Probably early 70’s.

I asked if I could pitch my tent in his yard. He looked at me like I was totally nuts. “There’s a public park with water 2 miles up the road in Taylor.” I gave him my poor, poor, pitiful me look and he eventually said OK. Even told me I could get water from his hose. We had a good conversation after he realized I was only semi-nuts. Thanks to the Blooms!!

Had a pretty good day. It was “only” 93. Lots of miles so will see how tomorrow goes. Hope to get to Bismarck tomorrow and into SD Tuesday.

Hope each of you had a great 4th.

Ride on.

Just Pete

11 thoughts on “Day 22 Wibaux, MT to Taylor, ND 92 miles (1417 total miles)

  1. Pete, great photos and thank you for sharing. We get to enjoy the beauty of our great country via the photos you send to us. I, and I am sure others, have never been where you are traveling and the typography is amazing. Good luck with your continued travels.


  2. You are getting the adventure of a lifetime! Great job Pete!! Thank for the super posts and hang tough. You’re doing it!!!


  3. Sounds like you and Gert are getting along just fine. Love the pictures as that is part of this country I have never seen. don


  4. Jeff it is an incredible journey for us too. Mary and I look forward every morning to reading your previous day. Really impressive what you are doing and extremely inspirational. Have a long distance running employee who is also connected to this journey and really appreciative that you are sharing this experience. His name is Adam in case he ever writes you!!!!!
    You and Gert give em all you got!!!!


  5. Must have been a unique experience for Mr. Bloom. Glad he finally relented. No Buds?
    Stay safe. Ride on.🙏


  6. Memories, thanks a lot! Used to have in-laws in the area of North Dakota you are biking through. Actually rode horseback through the badlands near Dickenson, surprisingly spectacular experience. A few rattle snakes here and there to keep things exciting. Great people, like Mr. Bloom, though! If you have bike trouble in the area don’t mention my name if you need help….


  7. So happy you’re through MT. The ND badlands, Medora, and Teddy Roosevelt park are pretty areas and probably not visited too much. We pulled our 5th wheel up one weekend. It was fun to attend the play at Medora and see the park. I remember it being 100 degrees in Medora when we visited We spent time in our air conditioned RV! Lol
    Loved the Mr Bloom story! 😄 Glad he let you camp there!! Safe biking to you and Gerty!


  8. Pledged an amount for Sun Dial and spelled my name wrong! Not sure how to correct it! This former typing teacher hates texting ! 😩


  9. I hope you got to Bismarck today. A fun, busy time at the lake. We even had a flag burning ceremony for grandpa Achen’s flag. It deteriorated pretty fast after being in plastic for about 50 years. Love the little joke on the cashier at the rest stop! Nice farm family to let you stay in their yard. Kris is out for dinner with the Nipps. Harold is closed so they went to the Galley.
    Ride safely, drink plenty, and see you soon. Loved your 4th flags. Love you, Mom


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