Day 23 Taylor to Mandan, ND 82 Miles (1499 total miles)

My campsite last night was really nice. Shaded and no bugs (that surprised me). Didn’t see Mr. Bloom this AM and didn’t want to ring doorbell at 7AM so didn’t get a chance to thank him once again for his hospitality.

As we progress east, there are more crop lands and less range land.

I discovered the downside to riding on Interstate yesterday. The exit/entrance ramps could be a tad bit dangerous…especially in a metro area. I didn’t have any problems but not many people exiting or entering from these country roads.

Crop duster coming in hot! I thought he was going to tailhook the wires in 2nd pic. Before I got close enough to take pics, he went under on a pass.

Stopped for breakfast at small cafe in Hebron. I believe there may be some folks of German heritage in the area.

Corn is not looking good. This is probably worst I saw. Guessing they will chop this up for feed because they won’t get much of a yield.

Stopped in New Salem (33 miles from Bismarck) about 3. I was pretty beat. I had lunch at a small cafe. It was 24 miles to next potential stop and storms forecast for tonight. I needed to be indoors tonight.

I was doubting whether I could make another 24 miles. It’s easy in the morning, a bit more difficult midday, and really difficult late in the afternoon.

There was a small motel next to cafe. I decided I’d stay there. It would make getting to Bristol on Thursday extremely difficult, if not impossible, but I was really tired.

There was 1 car in parking lot so I assumed it would be no problem getting a room. NOT! Fully booked with roadies setting up for a 3 day country music fest down the road. Bummer for me.

No choice but to suck it up and pedal the 24 miles to Mandan. I knew it would not be a fun couple of hours.

I could see the storm clouds gaining on me as I rode. Got rained on a couple different times but didn’t really bother me. In fact, it was a bit refreshing

These cows were making all kinds of noise and coming from all over the pasture to congregate. As I was stopping to take pic, I wondered if they were doing this because of approaching storm. Loud crack of lightening as soon as I got stopped. Guess they knew something.

I had about 8 miles to go. Got a second wind and pedaled as fast as I could for the next half hour.

Got to a motel 10 minutes before it started pouring…along with thunder and lightning.

Glad I got those miles in now that I’m here. About 245 miles to Bristol. Way better than 270.

3 more days of 80+ miles. That’s a lot and I’ve been going pretty hard the last several days but it’s possible. If I don’t make it, I’ll be really close.

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 23 Taylor to Mandan, ND 82 Miles (1499 total miles)

  1. You are really working hard. There is no doubt in my mind you will make it or be very close. You do such a good job on your blogs, my day starts after I read them! Kris is out walking this am. We had rain during the night, a few puddles around. I am glad you were inside before the thunder and lightening hit. Stay safe, rest when you need it, and see you soon. Love you. Mom


  2. Wow! All I can say is you are doing an awesome ride! Sorry you couldn’t say bye to Mr. Bloom! 😊 My dad used to do aerial crop dusting, but he never ever went UNDER the power lines. That’s scary bad! Glad you got to the motel before the storm! That is some kind of riding!! Be safe, and Bristol here you come!! 👏👍


  3. Looks like the time might be right to buy (go long) some corn futures. Profits could get you a bike with a motor!! (Easy Rider movie?). Old adage for corn is “knee high by the 4th of July”. The corn in the field you took a photo of may not survive till the 5th.
    Ride on!


  4. I look forward to reading your post first thing every day and tracking your progress! You are doing so great! Love the pictures and the stories of the people you meet. Say Hi to Mary for me at your reunion!!! I have faith that you will make it on time!!!


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