Day 24 Mandan, ND to Herreid, SD 101 Miles (1600 total miles)

Big day today. Mostly good.

The Missouri River divides Mandan and Bismarck. As I crossed the River, I stopped to take an incredible picture. Camera problem.??

I spent an hour at my breakfast stop trying to fix camera. Eventually realized I could FaceTime and take selfies. Just not normal pics. After the cow pic late yesterday, phone fell off Gerty. Guessing something broke. You’re going to have to deal with my poor selfie skills for a few days.

The first 32 miles were dead into the wind. Obviously, headwinds slow you down but the worst thing is there is no coasting. I like to coast whenever possible. Kind of a life theme.

After that we turned south and had a quartering tailwind. I’ll take it…so will Gerty. She was humming all afternoon.

I was 68 miles down the road in Litton at 3PM. Strasburg, ND was 10 miles but no lodging options. Herreid 23 miles past there. Should I stay or should I go? Obviously I went.

Temperature was quite cool. Wore a jacket almost all day. Cycling is kind of easy when temps are reasonable, no headwind, and gentle rolling hills. Not nearly as many roadside stops needed.

Strasburg is the birthplace of Lawrence Welk. If you’re younger than 55, you may have to Google him. A 1, and a 2, and…

23 miles to go late in the day. Why do I keep putting myself in these situations?

Today those miles were much easier. The cool temperature surely helped but I also had some serious motivation…I was going to be in SD!

Was in Herreid shortly before 7. Local watering hole just across the street. Perfect for some food and a few Buds.

I went to Boys State in 1975. One of the guys in my group was from Herreid. I asked bartender if she knew Dick Werner. “Of course.”

10 minute later, guy walks in. She tells me that is Dick. He figured out who I was pretty quickly. Must be the beard.

It was fun connecting with someone I hadn’t seen in a long time. Possibly high school. Great catching up on a lot of years. Got a tour of Herreid and his farm. Good time.

Other than the camera issue…a really good day. Temp in high 60’s, fast progress, into SD, connected with a friend, 101 miles, 1600 total (1/3 done!), and I’m only 142 miles from Bristol!

Assuming no catastrophe…or major headwind, I should be in Bristol on Th. This has been a mental and emotional roller coaster. I’ve been everywhere between there’s no chance, maybe, and got it.

Couldn’t have done what I’ve done so far without your support. I feel it. Thanks so much!

Ride on.

Just Pete

21 thoughts on “Day 24 Mandan, ND to Herreid, SD 101 Miles (1600 total miles)

  1. Pete, way to go, it looks like you are going to make your class reunion without having to hitch a ride. Well done! Also, I am really glad you are out of Montana. Some recent not so good bear stories that have happened.


  2. Love the life theme! I had no doubt you’d make it on schedule. We’ll done Pete! Soon a we’ll deserved break!


  3. Pete,

    Now that is a great pic!!!

    Great to be back in the homeland! I’m jealous- I knew you would make it back to where it all began!

    Nice triple digit ride!! Enjoy Kris, the family and the reunion!!!!


    Start counting roosters – I expect some good pics!


  4. I knew you could do it. We will have the welcome mat out!! I bet it was a great feeling when you crossed the SD line. How fun to meet a fellow boy stater. I hope today is a good day for you and we will see you soon. Go Gertie!! Love you.


  5. Be kind to those pheasant hens and baby chicks as you pass through the Bowdle/Hosmer/Roscoe area. Stop at Ricky’s in Roscoe, call Brenda and Cliff, and have a cold one. After that you have one bridge to ride up (railroad tracks overpass) and then it’s flat all the way to Bristol. 😁


  6. Congrats on your first 100+ day..
    If appears you’ll reach your destination as planned!! That alone is quite impressive..
    So close to LW’s home. Sorry you didn’t have the time to visit such a historical place😂
    With light at the end of the tunnel for your 1st big goal just be safe and don’t push it.
    Your gonna make it!!
    Ride on my friend🚴🏻‍♂️🍺


  7. Awesome progress Pete! The random-ish reconnection with Dick Werner was great.
    Bristol is clearly in your sights!


  8. You are unbelievable. Love your daily updates. Be safe and ride on. Your Budweiser credits are off the charts.


  9. Love that story of meeting your old friend! The pictures are great, but your daily update is the true entertainment. Who knew that you could visit Lawrence Welk’s birthplace? ( no thanks). Safe travels!


  10. Pulling for you, Pete! I look forward to your posts and pics every day. Love your stories. Enjoy your stop in the mother land (SD) – Go Wolves. Inspirational! Motivational! God Bless and safe travels. You’ve got this.


  11. Also have great memories of Boys State in Ohio. Made three lifelong friends there and who ended up living in Gainesville with one becoming a world expert on ferns. Two of the other guys who ended up in Gainesville were renal medicine doctors. You could probably use one of them right now!!!!! One of them played golf in college with Jack Nicklaus and had golf tee’s made up with a a little saying on the Tee itself—-C-me-to -P!!!!!
    You are truly becoming legendary. Great inspiration to a lot of us who say ” can’t do to anything”!!!!
    Keep pointing the front wheel forward!!!!


  12. I look forward to your post each day. 1600 miles, a century today, just real real great work.
    Enjoy your reunion.


  13. OMGoodness! Do you hear all of us cheering!!! 👏😊 yaaaay! Now in SD! Not too far from the farm I grew up on. It was about half way between Eureka and Leola—one mile south of Hwy 10! You are doing an awesome job!!! Ride safely!


  14. Ditto to all the “I knew you could do it” and proud of your accomplishment comments!!! There should be a crowd of people celebrating your arrival into Bristol tomorrow 👏👏🚴🚴.
    Does this mean we won’t have your daily blogs to look forward to during your rest days 😕.
    PS Even you won’t be shaving, I think Gerty is entitled to a shower and tuneup 😉


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