Day 25 Herreid to Ipswich, SD 76 miles (1676 total miles)

I am loving riding through SD. I know the roads and, more importantly, the people. It’s so neat because I know people in virtually every town…and we’re still 66 miles from where I will know everyone.

I left Herreid about 7:30 heading south to Selby to meet Dan Biel, a fellow Northern State grad for breakfast. A fairly easy 23 mile warm up.

Dan had invited Kim Kightlinger to join us. Kim also went to Northern State and has a Bristol connection. His uncle, Clayton, owned Kight’s Rec in Bristol. The place to be in Bristol after any sporting event when I was a kid. I also spent a little extra time there shooting pool and playing pinball. It actually was LOTS of extra time.

Dan, myself, and Kight

Kight even rode out of town with me for a bit.

This bull would look a lot bigger and nastier if I didn’t have to do this whole selfie thing.

The towns today where spaced out perfectly for me. 23 miles to Selby. 22 to Bowdle. 16 to Roscoe. 15 to Ipswich. Before you know it, 76 miles in the rear view mirror.

I finished today in Ipswich but staying in Roscoe with great friends, Cliff and Brenda Anderson.

Roscoe is a population of about 400 people. Here is a mini-tour.

The smallest public library in the world. Only open Wednesday afternoons.

Roscoe Legion Golf Course. Note the annual membership fees! I pay that to use my own cart 4 times. If nobody is at the shop, just put your cash in the box.

The greens are a bit unique. Sand…and really small.

You putt out and then rake the green. Think I would just dig a trench to the hole before I putted.

66 miles to Bristol. Rumor has it that I may have a celebrity guest rider joining me. All I can say is…good luck!!

Great day. Loving my ride through the homeland. It can’t get much better than this!

Ride on.

Just Pete

15 thoughts on “Day 25 Herreid to Ipswich, SD 76 miles (1676 total miles)

  1. Sounds like you are happy to be in home country. Enjoy the ride!! PS – continue to stay safe!!! Kevin


  2. There’s nothing like home sweet home. Enjoy your time in Bristol – when you get there!! xo mary and bill


  3. Fly, hike, bike and – – – – sail?

    Already looking forward to next summer and “the next adventures of Just Pete”!!!

    Soon to be a Quentin Tarantino movie?


  4. Can’t wait to hear who the celebrity rider is! Whoever the lucky person may be, take it easy on them!


  5. Ok. I now know my target for summer vacation next year. The Roscoe Public Library and Golf Course in South Dakota! Driving….not biking! Can’t wait!
    Bike safe! Enjoy the Home Town!


  6. Sounds like you are really enjoying getting to connect with old friends. I have not seen sand “green” in over 50 years when I played on a course in WV. Be safe. don


  7. Kim Kightlinger and I used to hang out when I taught Spanish at Milbank High School. I’m really enjoying your trip, Pete, as are so many others. Heck, the little donation that I’m making to your causes is a very small price for admission. Have a continued safe journey.

    Sent from my iPhone



  8. It so great that you have so many friends to see and look forward to on your ride. I enjoyed your picture of the Roscoe Legion Golf Course. Much better rates than ours at home. Never seen a green made out of sand. Do they also have sand traps? Be safe and Ride on.


  9. Glad you are through the initial tough stretch and now are in your home state.
    Have been enjoying your daily reports. Although I have not pledged, I think you know I am good for a check when you get back home (your current home, not your past home).


    Sent from my iPad


  10. SOOOO happy you are now so close to Bristol! Enjoy that last 66 miles! This is so much fun following your ride! Ride on and be safe! I hope the whole town of Bristol shows up at the outskirts of town to greet you!!


  11. SOOOO happy that you’re just 66 miles from Bristol! What a ride you’ve had so far! It’s been so fun to follow along on your ride. I hope the whole town shows up at the outskirts of town to meet you! 😊🚴. Enjoy your reunion and a much-needed break.!


  12. You must be in Bristol by now 🚴🚴🚴. I can’t wait to hear about your celebrity rider (pretty sure it’s not Kris). Welcome to South Dakota, familiar surroundings friends, family, and wonderful memories 👏👏👏👏.


  13. Yaaay! So happy you made it to Bristol! I hope the entire town showed up to greet you at the outskirts of town! 😊🚴. Enjoy your time at the reunion! This has been so fun to follow your ride!


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