Day 27-29 Bristol, SD 0 Miles (1742 total miles)

Had a phenomenal 3 days in Bristol. Not a lot of rest but plenty of recreation! Saw a lot of long time friends.

The All School Reunion on Saturday was well organized and well attended.

There was a parade in the morning. Lots of farm equipment!!

My parents (2and 3 from left) with other grads from the 1950’s.

We had a little gathering for the class of 1976 after the parade. 15 out of 25 present. That’s pretty good. Amazing how we all look exactly the same after 45 years.

A few more photos of my hometown.

Bethesda Lutheran Church
K-12 school building. Last graduating class, 2004.
Sun Dial Manor, one of the charities I’m riding for.

Thanks for your welcome and hospitality, Bristol. It’s been a fast and fun 3 days.

Back to work tomorrow AM!!

Ride on.

Just Pete

12 thoughts on “Day 27-29 Bristol, SD 0 Miles (1742 total miles)

  1. Good luck Pete. Glad you had a good time and it looks like you’ve had your phone repaired or replaced.


  2. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Bristol. I particularly liked the school photo. It seems you and I both rocked the Little Lord Fauntleroy look in 76. :^)


  3. So happy your first goal was reached and the time you had home with family & friends was a smashing success. Ah the hair styles of the ‘70s, no comment here(i was there too😆).
    Ok stage 1 complete.. Onto stage 2, whatever that might be. You call it..
    Hope the 3 days didn’t make you soft🤣
    Peddle forward & Stay safe🤘🏻🚴🏻‍♂️🍺


  4. 1/3 down and more adventures to come. Let me know when you are planning on making it to Stillwater. I’ll show you a spot for some Buds and a few great breakfast places. I hope I’m in town when you arrive.


  5. Reminded me of my hometown in so many ways. Sure you want to leave this time?
    Great pic of the John Deere-a little nostalgia for me. thanks!


  6. Good seeing you Pete. Ride on and safe travels along the way. Listen to the body and the pace will be what it is. Enjoy the sights along the way – corn, soybeans, wheat, cows (oh that “refreshing” air – breathe deep), lakes, mosquitoes, sunrises and sunsets that go on forever, rolling hills, etc. Take it all in my friend. Many new friends will be found along the way! Ride on!


  7. I loved seeing your mom and dad in the parade!!! And, enjoyed those haircuts you and “Kristi” were wearing 😉.
    I trust you and Gerty had a good rest and are ready to Ride On 🚴🚴. I look forward to the rest of your adventures!


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